Thursday, October 1, 2009

Leila's Got Game

Hey ever'body!
Leila picked up a guy today. I walked to school to get her, but instead of coming home with me, she wanted to have a playdate with Brian (oooOOOOoooh!) and it was mutual. Both kids were talking excitedly to their respective moms, pointing 6 feet away to the other kid, the international symbol for "Mommy! We're newly in love and we want to have a playdate!" So it was decided that Leila would go to Brian's house. His dog out-cooled our Wii. (In case you're wondering, I know Brian's mother, she's a drop-dead gorgeous PTA mom. If I hadn't known the mom, I would not have been so cavalier about letting L tromp off with them for the afternoon.)

Its so sweet that the kids are still at the age where having a playdate with a kid of the opposite gender is no big deal. I don't think I had playdates with boys anymore when I was in second grade, unless you count when my parents had dinner parties and their guest's sons would come and we'd somehow find some common ground, like listening to the 8-track of Funnybone Favorites in their dad's cadillac and running the battery down. But I don't think that really counts. Soon, L wont want to play with boys anymore, or they wont want to play with her, which ever comes first, and the next time she has a date with a boy it wont be of the play variety. It better not be, anyway.

So, I'm picking her up at 5, and until then, I have some free time. I've already done laundry, made pasta sauce, and done dishes, so I feel done for the day, and now I'm going to sit down and read Kathy Griffin's book.


kate said...

hey, I'm clicking too! And I think it was the pigtails that did Brian in. She was looking mighty cute.

Bored Housewife said...

$6.87! It this continues, I might be able to buy a round of drinks at the Peso!

lama said...

Dude, I'm clicking - I'm seriously thinking about buying a karaoke machine and one of those VHS to DVD products for my old Ab Fab tapes!!