Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This is gonna be gross, so gird your loins.  More cat drama.

I'm down one cat, but Loathsome Black Cat is still around and is slowly re-establishing her previous post at #1 kitty.  I made the mistake of mixing the late kitty's special kidney kibble with her regular kibble, and now she's got the runs.  She has started sleeping in the house during the day, filling my need to have cat hair on the couch, and two days this week, around 11 a.m. she's shit in the bathtub. 

I appreciate that she does it in the bathtub, and not on my rug or my bed.  It smells so bad.  I want to try to get her to use the litterbox inside again, but not if she's gonna pollute it like that.

The way I found out that she had crapped in the tub was that yesterday I hears strange noises coming from the bathroom and found my dog "cleaning" the tub for me.  God, dogs are so disgusting.  An hour later, he puked on the afore-mentioned rug.  Three times.  Not cool, dog.

At least today when she made her tub visit the dog was asleep and I caught it in time.  So nasty.  Nothing like gross cat poo and even grosser dog vomit to make you get over euthanizing an animal.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The End of the Summer

So, my kitty has died.  We put him to sleep on Saturday.  We are all reacting as I expected we would: initial tears, then moving gently on.  The actual event was traumatic.  I've never had to put a pet to sleep before, and something I didn't know was that they don't always close their eyes.  They just stare, and sometimes wink.  I tried to close his eyes, but they wouldn't close.  The hardest part was walking away from his little body, eyes open, and not taking him home. 

But, this is a place where I'm supposed to be funny, and putting kitties to sleep is not funny, so let's change the subject.

We have had a busy summer.  We meaning Leila.  We went to Boston, she had basketball camp, then sleep-away camp, then two weeks in the mountains, then camping, and in between there was a lot of sleeping in, and playing on her iPod, and watching TV and walking neighborhood dogs for fun and profit, and complaining about being bored.  Just the way summer should be.  We are still on summer vacation for another few days.  Everyone else is back in school, but not us.  Leila has all her school supplies in her backpack, ready to go.  I predict that after, say, four days of school she'll be whining about how tired she is and how she misses summer vacation.  I will not.

This summer, I discovered Law and Order SVU.  I have never watched any Law and Order shows, and generally eschew cop shows and legal shows, but I suddenly got a bee in my bonnet about SVU, and now I binge watch it in reruns.  It really is shameful how much I love watching television.  If I liked exercise as much as I like TV, I could probably compete in triathlons, or swim from Cuba to Florida, or become Ms. Universe.  Instead, I'd rather eat left over cheesecake and watch SVU, and I don't understand people who don't.

So that is one little part of the summer update.  More to come.