Thursday, March 26, 2020

Time for a little Love and Levity

So, seems there's no better time to write than now.  I can't really work that much, my internet has been down for 9 days, and there are hours of the day to kill.  And you, too!  Why not kill some with me?

Over the last few years, I've been working, having a teenager (which is a full time job in itself) going to school, finishing school, and I've watched every single Law and Order episode in order*.  That's the update.  Easy.

I've been checking Instagram regularly, and Facebook less regularly, and its all doom and gloom.  This person dies, this other person is sick, people are breaking the shelter-in-place rules, there are still drunk drivers, yada yada.  I realize this is a very weird time, but I'm really appreciating, and focussing on, the stories of great love and caring, of humans reaching out to other humans, and I'm trying to laugh as much as possible.  There are still dicks out there, no question, but if you want to focus on the positive, there's lots to focus on.  The same can't be said for lots of other stressful times, so there's that.

For instance: The bear hunts that are happening all around the country: People put teddy bears in their windows for the little kids taking walks with their parents to find, going on a bear hunt.  I love that.  I don't have any teddy bears, only stuffed dogs; that'll work, right?
The town just south of mine has a nightly howl at 8 pm every night.  It made the news and has transformed into not only howls but cheers for front line workers.  I love this.
The Nextdoor app, where there seem to be so many complainers and tattle tales and coyote vigilance groups, is bursting with people offering to help immunocompromised people with groceries or other needs.  If you're White Pants, you start a revolution to make sure that the people working at your gym still get paid while they can't work, but while your membership checks are still being cashed.  This is community at its best: think globally, act locally.
I love that the restaurants have set up outdoor pick up areas in front of their businesses, sometimes even drive up food take out, and you can take out cocktails!  How awesome is that??
There are so many creative and bored people on YouTube, and Twitter and IG doing so many funny and entertaining things.  Musicians are giving free concerts, comedians are doing live sets (stop futzing with your hair people, you look great)  My personal favorite right now is Michael Franti's Stay at Home World Tour; he is "stuck" in Bali with his wife and son and some others, and if you watch him and dance along, you just cannot feel bad.  Thank you for that, Michael!

Here are a few ways in which I have been completely amazing, in addition to watching every law and order episode in order: I wrote a thank you note and put $20 in it for the grocery store check out clerk and she cried.  Tipped the McDonalds drive through guy $20, he looked shocked.  Made masks by hand with L, using the video from Deaconess Hospital in Indiana; had a friend with some elastic, but I could only make three.  I have stayed home, and only gone out for necessary stuff (which includes McDonalds.)  I am supporting the economy by having bought Crocs and some new pajamas.  I'm pretty awesome.

But I'm also incredibly grateful for the following: My parents are ok right now.  My husband and kid are ok right now. My friends are ok right now. I have enough food to eat, enough toilet paper (and I didn't hoard any) My family continues to have a salary and be able to work from home so that we can continue to pay our mortgage and support our local eateries and hand out some good tips.  It's sunny out.  I have dogs who don't give any shits about the pandemic, and only care when Gary, our local squirrel,  comes to torture them.  Things are blooming and there are bees, I have a working washer and dryer (knock wood.) I haven't watched all the Law and Order Criminal Intent episodes so I have that to look forward to.  There are funny people on Twitter and Insta, and hundreds of picture of cute animals.  I can be bra-less all day!

See?  There's lots to be happy about.  It's hard not to worry, it's hard not to be stressed, but as a very wise woman once told me, you cannot be grateful and stressed or angry at the same time.  So choose gratitude whenever possible.

As for me, I need a shower, I ordered two more pair of my favorite sweatpants so I can wear them every day, my nails are a crime, my house is a mess, and my dishwasher if being a little bitchy, but its all good.

Take good care of yourselves and give yourselves some love.  I'll see you soon!

*How I did this: I am using Youtube TV, and adding Law and Order to my library.  When any channel airs L and O, or there's an L and O marathon, it saves all the episodes in order.  Genius!