Thursday, October 8, 2009

And a One And a Two

Alright, I'm awake today. Not one nap. Not yet. Its still early, though. Here are a few things that are on my mind right now:

1) I have started buying lottery tickets. I've bought four so far, one every time I go to the grocery store and have a dollar in cash on me, and you know what? I haven't won! I've only gotten one number right in four tickets, and I haven't won a thing. I'm a little pissed about it. I have plans for that money, y'know? I have a sofa to buy and piano lessons to pay for, and I was kind of counting on it. I have also started entering the HGTV money give-away every day and I entered Oprah's sweepstakes, and so far, zip, nada, rien. I have made an effort here! I clicked on things, and entered my name, and where's my big reward? These things are rigged, I just know it. That wont stop me from buying a lottery ticket once a week, though. Now that they've been mentioned in this blog, viewed by tens of people on the world wide web, maybe it will be rigged in my favor... Its at $12M, and I am ready for it. Bring it on!

2) My husband has started playing guitar. He was inspired by Leila's piano lessons, and he's dusted off his acoustic and electric guitars, restrung them and is practicing every night. He knows the first couple of bars of a lot of songs. Its kind of cute, but now there are two guitars taking up space in my house, and he's spending money on things like strings and capos and a tuner, and this is money I could be spending on shoes. We're thinking of putting an act together; L on piano and drum machine, Rob on guitar, me on vocals. We will go nowhere fast.

3) Leila has just learned how to make microwave popcorn as a result of my unwillingness to get off my butt and make her a snack. This skill will come in handy when she starts smoking pot. She made me a very fancy thank-you-note yesterday, wanna know why? I told her we were having pancakes for dinner. I only get surly looks and eye rolls when I put her clean clothes away and remind her of who, y'know, gave her life, but pancakes are the winner. Who knew?

4) I tried a different way of cleaning the shower tiles today, and its not even Christmas. I thought I would scrub the grout while I was in the shower, rather than sit on the edge of the tub with my clothes on and scrub it from there. It didn't work. I'll just have to go back to the old way. I called Rob and told him that I have to start over and he suggested we get a cleaning lady. We totally can't afford a cleaning lady, and my mother would have a complete fit, and God knows I need something to do, but his suggestion means that he is so over me right now, and I need to get off my ass.

Not today or anything, but soon.

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Michelle said...

I think cleaning the shower while you're in it is the only way to go. I've done it for years. Here's how you do it:
-first spray the hell out of the shower with what ever you normally use and throw a rag into the shower for further use
-BEFORE you get in, take a rag and wipe the walls down and don't forget the floor of the shower
-Get in the shower and clean yourself - use this time to do an exceptionally good job of shaving and conditioning your hair
-Now take the rag and once again wipe down the walls
-Use the showerhead to cascade water down the newly cleaned walls and floor
-Make sure you're all cleaned up and rinsed
-Voile, your shower is clean and you are too!