Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Peed in her Cheerios?

This must be the week of crabby. Leila is so irritable and cranky and frustrated, its like she's getting her period or something. Jeez. She was all drama when I picked her up today, so I thought I'd cheer her up by telling her I recorded Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and that we could watch it together when her "stuff" was done (homework, piano practice.) But instead of happiness, I got treated to a tirade about how she HATES Charlie Brown. Who hates Charlie Brown? I mean, maybe Lucy, but she's really just passive aggressive; what's to hate? So I changed the subject and when we got home, she dumped her stuff on the big green chair, and started to open the TV cabinet and I was all "You have to finish your stuff first." and she was all, "You didn't say that!" and I was all, "Yuh-huh" and now she's plinking around on the piano, not actually practicing, just farting around, and there's a sign on her door that says in big rad crayoned Letters, "Leave Me Alone!" Fine, crabby pants, I'll just take a little nap and mind my own bees wax.

What is up her butt lately? I know she's getting over being sick, but she was fine a few days ago, she should be even finer today. I've been putting her to bed early (its convenient when they can't tell time; you say "time for bed!" and they don't argue) so if she's just tired I can't see why. I'm making sure she has healthy, protein-filled snacks, but she's still just pissing all over this nice day. I'm blaming everything on second grade. So far, its been a tough school year.

Speaking of healthy snacks, I'm in the halloween candy. I left it alone for almost two whole days, but last night, while Rob was playing guitar, I had some smarties and a butterfinger. You'd think I would have at least tortured myself about it, hemmed and hawed, bargained with myself, or felt guilty afterwards, but really I just ripped those bags open and got some candy out as casually as if I were getting the mail. Maybe deep down I just knew it was inevitable. Its hard to live with two open bags of halloween candy. Talk about haunting. I think Poe should have written about housewives hearing mini chocolate bars calling to them. Screw ravens. A bag of mini Babyruths is way scarier.

I hauled two more bags of crap out of Leila's room today. Stuffed animals, dress-up stuff and a few odds and ends off her desk. You still can't tell anything is missing, and, luckily, neither can she. Bwahahahahaha! Stay tuned for a mini movie about her extreme room makeover; I'm putting my iMovie skills to work and its all for you!


Alice said...

I feel like Leila. Maybe it's the change in the weather although I usually like a change of seasons. Maybe you should send her over here and we can be crabby together.

Unknown said...

You and your Poe talk crack me up.

The perfect cure for Leila is for you to come up here for a few days. She will miss the everloving living shit out of you and you will return, home, a SuperStar.

Can't wait to see you!