Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever, So-You-Can-Rest Medecine

I have a cold. I don't have a fever, or a sore throat, but I'm stuffed up and coughing and I've been in various states of reclining all day. I rented a movie on Comcast, I had soup, I let Leila watch TV, and I'm not going to get to go out for wine with my friends tonight. So I'll stay home and whine. ha ha.

If I was able to convince my mom that I was sick enough to stay home (and I had to actually be sick, funny how moms can tell when you're faking) I wasn't allowed to get out of bed and do anything ALL DAY, even if I felt better. That rule is still with me, and I would feel guilty going out and drinking tonight since I've been in my donut pajamas all day. I don't feel up to going out anyway, but I seriously thought about it. Rob was oddly supportive of my going out. What's that about?

I rented Away We Go, which was good, I watched Knocked Up on TV (in three different sessions, I saw the ending, then they played it again and I watched the beginning, and then they played it again and I saw the middle. I think I can string it all together) and I watched some Oprah, and I watched some decorating shows. Early this morning I watched Good Times. It was alright. The acting is not very good, but I really like the guy who plays the dad.

AND! The damn dog pissed on the floor again! Jeez! So now I have to add another element to my morning routine: putting his leash on before he even leaves the crate, and taking him outside and staring at him until he pees. Then I have to praise him and act all excited that he peed in the right place. I have been shunning him today and he knows it.

Once Rob gets off the phone, I'm going to pour some rootbeer (yes, you heard right: I need some bubbles, ok?) and watch an episode of The Wire. I never know what the hell is going on in that show, and I'm not a fan of cop shows in general, but Rob likes it, and I'm such a loving and giving person, so there you go.

Leila doesn't have school tomorrow, so we get to sleep in. I have no idea what I'm going to do with her all day, but I might go get us both strep tested, just in case.

If you're still reading this, I have to wonder why, I can hardly stand myself. But thanks anyway!


rebecca said...

The dad in Good Times is hot.

lama said...

I'm just here for the Ads. There are some great pajama ones today since you mentioned you like to hang out in your PJs. I can't wait to get the drink I've earned from clicking these!