Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am so full. I've been full all weekend, and yet I keep eating. Good stuff, too, not crap. By good stuff I mean yummy things like hamburgers rather than fruits and vegetables, and by crap I mean Chex Mix and raw cookie dough.

I have been drinking sodas lately. I know, I swore off them, but here's the thing: I had a cold, and I can only drink so much water and tea (which is to say, not very much at all) and cold bubbly liquids feel good on a scratchy throat. I also have been dead tired. I'm hoping its just the cold that's making me a freaking zombie, but Friday I took two naps, and I almost fell asleep during my hair cut yesterday. And I'm not just cat napping, I am sleeping hard, dreaming, and for at least an hour at a time. So I had a coke. I don't drink coffee, and I needed some caffein to jack myself up until bed time. Oh jeez, I just realized that Mad Men is on tonight and I'm going to be up late. I can't wait until tomorrow to watch it, I have to watch it right when its on, or I feel like I am missing out. Its moments like these when I realize how small my life actually is.

I took Leila and her friend to a Halloween carnival at L's former preschool yesterday. They had a blast, looked adorable (see photo) and Leila won a cake. Now I have a half eaten cake shaped like a pumpkin with sparkly sprinkles on it. Its huge! I'm not a fan of eating random baked goods made by strangers, so I've only had a little piece and I'm weighing whether or not I should send the rest to work with Rob tomorrow. It would be hard for him to carry on the bus, I guess.

Then this morning I was really in the mood for a donut, and I was very annoying until Rob relented at went to get some donuts. I couldn't believe how many he got; like, who can eat THREE buttermilk bites? Well guess what? I did, over the course of the whole day, and we were out of milk which totally sucked. I didn't get off my ass and go get any, I just whined about it. Rob so got the raw end of this marriage deal.

I did get off my ass a little today, though. I took a long walk with the dog and my mom today, about three miles or so, and I haven't done that in a while. It was hot, and the dog is now passed out on his ugly blanket.

Its time for me to beach myself on the sofa and finish watching season 2 of the The Wire, then put on PJs and watch Mad Men and then drag ass out of bed and go to school and do mom-like things. This is the week I have to cobble Leila's costume together. She's going to be scare crow and I need to find a plaid shirt, and old hat and some rope and burlap. Let's see if I can top last year's costume while taking two naps a day.

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