Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hello Russia!

I had two comments on my last post.  I haven't gotten a comment in ages, so I was moved to look at my reader stats to see if anyone had searched on "Dog butt" or "itchy butt" and found my blog by accident.  That does not seem to be the case.  Nonetheless, I welcome all readers with itchy butted dogs!

The update is that the home cooked diet is not helping, even though I switched to London Broil.  I know it can't make that much of a difference in only a few weeks, but what I did find is that the home cooked diet is a pain in my ass.  Also, I spoke to the vet, and they are really not advocates of home cooked diets except in extreme cases of older dogs who can't tolerate anything else.  So I'm switching to perscription venison.

Who the hell knows, right?  Maybe my dog needs anti anxiety meds and grilled cheese?  That sounds like an excellent meal to me!

In other news, I'm on a diet too, just like my dog, except that I do not have an itchy butt.  Anymore.  I lost 2.6 pounds in the last week.  Only 48 to go!  I'm a little bit obsessed with how many calories are in everything, but I did eat pizza last night and I didn't worry about it.  It felt so good to just eat with my mouth and feel sated, and drink wine.  God I love eating and drinking.  They're my favorite.  I would rather eat and drink than do anything else.  But today I'm back on the wagon.

This post is not funny at all.  Not every one is a winner, I guess, but I did want to say hello to those two commenters, and encourage anyone else out there to comment.  All you russians looking for porn that show up on my stats all the time, say hello!

Friday, March 14, 2014

I've Become on of Those People

So, my dog.  He's the itchiest little guy you ever met.  His little butt is completely raw from dragging it on the carpet, and I don't even want to think about the microbes living in the carpet now.  Ew.

I've tried everything.  I spent a fortune having him allergy tested, and he's not allergic to anything.  I've changed his diet, put him on expensive prescription food, and nothing helps.  So yesterday, I took the plunge:  He is now on what is called a Home Cooked Diet.  I poached him some skinless chicken breasts and thighs, baked him a potato, and steamed him some carrots, and that's now his food for the next week.  No salt, no additives, just a little fish oil for his skin.

I had a colleague years ago who used to boil a chicken once a week for her dog and I thought she was crazy.  Who would do this?  Its a dog, for pete's sake!  But here I am, boiling chicken for my dog.  And it was organic, too.  I like supporting that kind of agriculture, but I have to admit I feel really stupid buying my precious pooch organic chicken and potatoes.  He can't believe his luck.  Although, he would be happy with a bowl of treats from the litter box.  He's not very discerning.
He's really lucky he's so cute.