Monday, October 12, 2009

Pajama Lovers Unite!

Bloggers Furious At White House For Anonymous Ridicule

White House

White House "Adviser": Bloggers Should "Take Off Their Pajamas" And Get Serious

I know, I'm asking a lot with two posts in one day, but I virtually slept through the first one, so here's another.

I just read the above article, and, if you read it, you'll see that the Gay activists are up in arms about this comment. Now, without asserting any opinions whatsoever about the plight of gay rights in this country, or saying anything about the need to do away with DADT, and without offending people who actually believe in things and work hard to change public policy for the good, I have to register my outrage, not as a gay American (which I don't happen to be) but a blogging American:

Why on earth would I want to get out of my pajamas?!

Remaining in my pajamas for longer and longer periods of time is one of my life goals! And what is so wrong with pajamas? I would wear pajamas to the grocery store if I could! Leila is wearing two pair of them right now! Hugh Heffner has built an empire in his pajamas! Not one I can share with my kid as a good example of what can be accomplished in sleepwear, but still!

I think pajama wearers everywhere need to stand up, hike up their flannel bottoms, and write their congress person, or the president, or - Hey! A pajama march on washington! Although, this time of year, we would definitely need robes and slippers too. Throw in a big teddy bear while we're at it; we might need something to sit on during the impassioned speeches extolling the virtues of Karen Neuberger and the company that makes the PJs with the monkey stuff on them, whatever the hell their name is.

Pajama Day is an institution in my home. I have done lots of productive grass-roots things in my pajamas. I can't really think of them right now, but my point is still meaningful! In fact, it is high time I put my pajamas back on. I have been in these jeans way too long.

Power to the People! The Pajama People! and the gay people, and vote yes on Measure B...

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lama said...

I think you should come over here in your PJs when we clean out my closet! I'll be happier because I'll be able to stay in mine...