Friday, August 14, 2009

What's That Smell?

You may have noticed, or may not care, that the Gilmore Girls series has been over for a few weeks. It was the second time I've gotten a Tivo season pass to it, and the second time I watched all five seasons of it, beginning to end. They're still running the show, from the beginning again, but I'm done for a while. I may have to wait a few years before I watch it again.

So I've been bouncing around other reruns: Sex and the City, MASH, Roseanne, but I've been a little bereft without a show to be obsessed with during the down times. Then the clouds parted, and the dove-like messenger of peace (Rob) found that Hulu has the whole series of My So Called Life.

This show aired in the mid-90s, and centers around Angela Chase (Claire Danes) as a High school sophomore. Angst ensues, and it is absolutely delicious. Not like the teen shit they have on TV now. When I first watched it, I think I was in my mid 20s, and it was in syndication. I was still close enough to high school days to completely identify with Angela. I WAS Angela Chase. Now, though, I find myself identifying with the parents on the show. Rob is watching it with me and I keep poking him in the ribs and saying, "Pay attention! This will be you and Leila in 8 short years."

I've read that when your kids are going through all their high school drama, they don't want to hear about your high school drama. That, no matter how you try to convince them that you, too, fell in love, and were disappointed by the object of that love, many times over, and that you felt less-than, and that you were scared and humiliated every single day, and that you can remember what was playing on the radio when you felt that way, They Don't Care.

This isn't very funny. How about this: Rob's breath was so heinous yesterday that the whole car still smelled like his stink today, and I had to drive with the windows open. Is that better?

If you've never seen My So Called Life, and want to relive a little bit of high school in the privacy of your adulthood, you should watch it. Its fabulous. Its better than Tori and Dean.

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Michelle said...

You're correct regarding children not wanting to hear about their parent's high school days. My adult children still blame me for their poor dating past to my continuous story of how in my sophomore year I asked five boys to the tolo and they all said no.