Friday, August 28, 2009


As of today, I have gone eight full days without soda (coke, rootbeer, etc.) and let me tell you something: I don't think I've lost any weight, but I have noticed that I am not having insane cravings like I usually do. Normally, every night is a mystery. I may have all the stuff to make tacos at home, but I feel like I'm going to die if I don't get number 217 from the Vietnamese place, or a pizza, or a big bowl of ice cream. I never know what its going to be, which makes it virtually impossible to plan meals. I also don't like to plan meals or go grocery shopping, and that also makes it virtually impossible to plan meals. But this week, my food cravings have been evened out. I'm no longer staring longingly at butterfinger bars in the grocery aisle, and I haven't taken myself to lunch (also a side effect of my roller coaster cravings) since Monday.

I'm thinking that staying off soda may be the answer to many of my issues; If I don't crave, I wont eat a bunch of garbage, and I'll lose weight. If I don't crave, I wont spend a lot of money on impulsive restaurant purchases, and I'll be able to save up for a sofa. Also I went to the dentist today and had two cavities, so there's another way staying off soda will help me. I'm wondering what I should give up next. I will not give up cocktails, though, no matter what world problems it would solve.

How about a quick Friday Five?

1) How is your tolerance for alcohol? Is this a question of the quality of my drunkenness, or the speediness of my drunkenness? I am a light weight, and a very loving and indiscreet drunk.

2) How's your tolerance for noisy neighbors. Low if its lame adults, high if its kids. I am the noisy neighbor on my street right now, constantly screaming for the dog.

3) How's your tolerance for physical pain? Very, very low. A doctor during my hospital stay was sure I'd passed a gall stone without my knowledge, and I assured her that I start to whimper if I get thirsty. I don't think a gall stone would elude my notice.

4) How's your tolerance for intolerant people: Low, very low. Unless I'm the one having an intolerant moment, then I'm fine with it.

5) How's your tolerance for bad music? Medium. I can hang for a while, depending on how generous I feel at that particular time. There was a woman I used to work with who would commandeer the office stereo first thing in the morning with 5 CDs of all the same type of music, and around CD number 3, I would have to put a stop to whatever it was. She kept telling me to "expand" my musical interest, but after 5 straight hours of Tom Waites, I wanted to "expand" my fist right into her mouth.

Have a good weekend, brothers and sisters!


lama said...

Good for you! I'm assuming you've read the sugar/salt/fat reports of late. Keep up the good work. I'll be policing you at lunch next week!

whatalife said...

i've been addicted to soda before. it's evil. i applaud your efforts!!

also, i'm a loving drunk, too. i just feel like people don't hear how great they are enough, and after a drink or two i feel it's my job to remind them. better than kicking the dog.

Unknown said...

expand your fist right into her mouth? that's hilarious. i laughed out loud four times this post alone. keep up the good work, sister. the cleaning can wait.

Robin Maner said...

Now that's motivation right there. With soda off the list, you'll get a domino effect of health. You'd really lose some extra pounds, and you've done your dentist a favor with fewer cavities, among other things.

And how could you expand your musical interest like your colleague said you should when you've been listening to her 5 CDs straight?