Monday, August 24, 2009

What is Wrong with Me?

Today was the first day of school. Sniff. Sniff sniff. I will have to get over summer vacation being over. Unless I want to home school, I don't have a choice, and if I home schooled, Leila would read at a third grade level in eleventh grade and would need vitamin D supplements.

So, remember how I said I wasn't going to raise my hand for every dill-darned thing this year? (here's an example) Maybe I forgot to mention it, but my plan was to take a year off from any heavy duty volunteering. I gave up Walk and Roll to school, thank God, but now look what's happened! During the summer, one of the committees I'm on lost its chair person, and I thought, "I'll only do it if no one else volunteers by the time school starts." Well, somebody did volunteer, and I was disappointed! Then today, I was busy buying Leila a new school T shirt, and when I wandered over to the table where you can sign up to be a head room parent, I bumped into another mother from our class, and I tried to talk her out of it. I don't know where that even came from, but then it got even weirder: Some other mom had already signed up to be the head room parent for our class, and I was, again, disappointed. What is wrong with me?

I'd like to tell you, for the sake of an interesting post, that I threw a huge fit and screamed and cried until the other mother withdrew her name, and I am now the head room parent, but it didn't happen like that. Well, not exactly. I kind of dangled around the sign up table when most of the parents had split, and I struck up a conversation with the ladies running the table, who I happen to know, and I told them that I didn't think I cared about being head room parent until I saw that someone else had signed up, and now I was DISAPPOINTED. The nice lady told me that the person written down for my class had told her a long time ago that she'd do it, but she needed to confirm with her anyway, so why didn't she just tell her that, if it was all the same to her, there was another woman in the class (moi) that really wanted to do it.

Long story only a tiny bit shorter, I'm now the head room parent for Leila's class. In my mind, I keep seeing myself throwing elbows and tossing other mothers out of the way, as if there were some fight to the death for the last piece of bacon. God, I'm a controlling shrew. I'm kind of embarrassed. What the hell is wrong with me? Am I becoming one of those moms that everyone hates? I gotta calm down. I've gone 'round the bend.

In other news, and as an addendum to the last post, E said the funniest thing. We were talking about cheating husbands, and she said: "if G was going to trade up, do you really thing he would go for another 42 year-old mom? No! He'd find someone at least 10 years younger than me, with perkier boobs, who will have sex with him more than twice a year." I just love that.

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