Wednesday, August 19, 2009


OK, dinner has been cooked and eaten, and the two other people who live with me are off to test drive a tennis racquet.

Making dinner was about the most ambitious thing I did today. Actually that's not true, I made some phone calls to strangers and was charming, and that is a lot considering how tired I am after last night.

We went out to a fancy dinner for my friend's birthday, and I didn't drink that much, or eat that much (not at those prices) but I did stay up late and wear a beautiful bitch of a pair of shoes. The balls of my feet are still swollen. I took them off under the table of the fancy restaurant, but it didn't make a difference, I'm still hurtin' today.

So, I took a nap. I tried to get Leila to take a nap with me, but she just laid next to me and picked her nose and stuff like that, and you wouldn't believe how loud that is. Suddenly, started laughing hysterically for no reason, and was flailing all over the bed clutching her stomach. A little hard to nap through that too. She finally left and played by herself, thank God.

She's been playing restaurant. Hers is called Lilax, and she always wears her apron when she plays. She has a lunch menu and a dinner menu. Here's a sampling, see what you can decipher:

Ovecoto Sandwich, $2.61
Onin Sandwich, $8.95
Brocali Broo, $6.54
Apple frider, $7.00
Beach Plum, $9.98
Cockei Crispt, $2.12

and for Beverigiz, we have:
Mint Tea, $2.61
Shampain, $4.99
and Chardonnay, spelled perfectly.

The beverigiz are the same for dinner and breakfast, and that is fine by me. Who doesn't want a lovely chardonnay with their Banana Frider?

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