Wednesday, August 5, 2009

$2K down, $3K to go

The new water heater is in, and the hot water is flowing. But it doesn't flow very well in my house, so on Friday we're getting new pipes and a new main line to the street. I will never get a new sofa, and I will have to stare at my mother-in-law's old sofa and my big green recliner until I die. Maybe I'll just crawl under my house and stare and the shiny copper pipes. Do you think that will help me feel better?

My neighbors across the street are out of town, and when they heard our water heater was broken, they offered up their shower until ours was fixed. They have a new house with all new plumbing and I'm here to tell you: I may have hot water now, but I am showering at their house until my new pipes are installed. It was so awesome. The water pressure actually rinsed my hair in seconds! No wonder people love to shower if that's what it feels like!

Leila is off with my parents on an overnight trip and I gave her my old camera to document her experience. Digital camera in the hands of a seven year-old: genius or folly? I figure the worst thing that will happen is that she breaks it, but she's a very careful girl so that is unlikely. Lets see if she can frame a shot and focus. I'll post the good ones.

So, I have two days without my girl and I don't know what to do with myself. I'm going to take in a movie this afternoon, and maybe get a pedicure. However, with all my money going into the pipes, I may have to economize. I bet Rob would just love to paint my toenails!!

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