Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Daily Cow

Usually, I am the cow. I do many things that are attributed to cows, like having lots of stomachs, and standing out in the rain, but today I am not the cow. No, today the title of cow goes to the adolescent girl who was sitting with her mother and sister at the table next to mine at PF Changs tonight. What a cow.

I know it sounds uncharitable, but it isn't a comment on her looks, and it really is more a comment on her mother's parenting. Let me see if I can 'splain: when we got there, the cow was practically laying on the table. Her knees were on the banquette, with her feet up on the top of the back of the banquette, like a V, and she was bent at the waist over the table and she was lounging on top of it like she was on her La Z Boy sectional at home. Her mother did not seem to notice, and her sister was having her own fun dangling around the table. There were kid's books on the floor, in the perfect place for a server to trip on them, and there seemed to be all kinds of other crap on the table, too. Then, their dessert was served, and the cow ate hers like she was eating her cud. She was finally seated on her ass, but her shoulders were hunched, and was chewing with her mouth open like a freakin' cow. I was so glad they were on dessert so they would be leaving soon, but I just wanted to smack that mother.

I don't care how judgmental I sound, or how many enemies I'll make, but if you are a parent and your child acts like this in a restaurant, or anywhere, for that matter, YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB!

What a cow.

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