Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sexual Chocolate

Its butt hot today. I don't really know what that means, but its hot. Its 4:43 p.m, I'm sipping wine at my desk, and here is why I am a rock star today:

I spent a few HOURS this morning doing school stuff, and I am not only up to date, but I am ahead of schedule, and everyone will be blown away by my brilliance. I have a class list, I have a manual and a checklist, I have stuff printed out for my meeting tomorrow, and... I guess that's it. It doesn't sound like much, when I write it out. Okay, so maybe I'm not a rock star, maybe I'm a wanna be rock star. Remember that movie Coming to America, where Eddie Murphy played all those parts and one of the parts was the really bad singer of the band Sexual Chocolate, and he sang The Greatest Love of All in a powder blue tux? 'Member that? That's who I am today.

These bursts of organizational prowess make me look like I have it totally together, but the fact is, it is the pure desperation of not wanting to do other things, like clean out the hall closet and blow dry my hair, that push me in the direction of the school stuff. I dick around on the computer for a while, refreshing my email and my facebook and reading all the gossip sites, and then it comes time to either get up from the computer and clean something, or stay at the computer and fiddle around with spread sheets and stuff. I believe that children are our future...

I also scrubbed my stove and ruined my nail polish. Did I tell you about this? Rob is always bugging me to paint my nails a dark color. I hardly ever paint my nails, and when I do, it is usually a really light color that you can't see. So I tells him, "Honey, you go to the store and pick out the color you want me to wear, and I'll try it." And. He. Did. Not only does he never have any issue calling me from the tampon aisle of the grocery store and reading all the boxes out loud, but apparently he has no trouble perusing the nail polish aisle, either.

I also went to Costco. I've been bugging my dad to take me to Costco for two months or so. I don't have my own card, so I have to mooch off other people, and finally - FINALLY! - he took me up there. He said there was something he wanted to get for Leila, and I was convinced it was a Wii. I started to get all excited, but it turned out he wanted to let her pick out a boring old book. Reading: jeez. She's spending the night at his house this Saturday. My mom is out of town and Rob and I are going out, so he's going to take Leila to see my brother and go to the dirt modified car races, whatever the hell that means.

Don't you hate when you go to Costco with a short list of things, and they don't have half of what's on your list? It sucks. Rob will just have to wear his pitted-out undershirts a little bit longer.

Thank you for all your comments! I feel a little calmer now. Keep commenting, I love it!


Anonymous said...

Present :)

Anonymous said...

I only wish Costco didn't have half of my list... I usually end up with my list plus $300 worth of other crap that wasn't on the list!

Anonymous said...

I was at costco too before the 12:25 K pickup.

joanna nelson said...

ELEVEN comments yesterday?!!! Wowza!

Who is Eddie Murphy?