Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey guys. I haven't been here for a few days, damn that Thanksgiving, so here I am, and I want to talk a little more about vampires. Only a little, so bare with me.

OK: I think this Bella/Edward thing is really dysfunctional, and not only because he's a vampire and she isn't, but it just smacks of a yucky misogynistic relationship where the guy holds all the cards, and the girl is at the whim of the guy. And his vampire coven. What is in this for her? She loves him, she sacrifices for him, and she gets no satisfaction, not in book one, anyway. She can't even make out with the guy. She has to abandon her home and family for him, she only gets information out of him in dribs and drabs, and he is always faster, stronger, and smarter. She would never be able to win an argument! He does a lot of scowling, and scoffing and snarling at her. He can't have sex with her, because he might kill her, he can't make out with her because he might kill her, and, frankly, he might kill her anyway because he's a blood-thirsty vampire. We're supposed to respect him because he's not killing and maiming his girlfriend. No, I don't like it. If my daughter was in relationship with someone like him, even if he wasn't a vampire, I'd run an intervention.

That's all I have to say about vampires for the day, except to break it to the vampire-loving world that this will be my last Twilight book. I think I'm over it.

Did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? I had three nice Thanksgivings, and here's the thing: my refrigerator is so crammed with leftovers, I could have three more Thanksgivings. I do not want to touch any Thanksgiving food for at least 361 days. I hate to throw food away, but I cannot handle eating this stuff one more time. Is it better to let the edible food rot in the fridge before you throw it out, so that you have no choice but to throw it out, or is it ok to just throw it out now, while someone could still eat it, but no one wants to?

We took our family Christmas picture yesterday, at the beach (that's what living in California is all about.) It came out ok. I didn't set the camera to the best picture quality setting, so people who receive this card might see my multiple chins all pixelated. It might be better that way. My husband insists that we are all in the picture, rather than just the kid and the dog, but I think it just shows people who get the card but don't see us often (or ever) that I have gained yet more weight, and that Rob is yet more bald.



kate said...

totally agree about twilight yet still read them all. Heard the author is a Mormon - I think that explains just about everything. I saw New Moon last night and could not stop laughing at all the wrong moments. It did make for a fun night.

btw - the books just get worse from a "girl gives up herself for a boy" POV.

Lara Starr said...

All your points are valid - or would be in the real world, but I totally bought the Twilight Book 1 fantasy. Dark, brooding, rich, totally gorgeous guy who drives a cool car and does all of the thinking for the both of us? Sign me up!

But I saw New Moon yesterday - it was totally ridiculous. I went in with low expectation and it managed not to meet them. Edward looks much chalkier than his did in Twilight, he drives a Marin Mom Mobile, I kept wanting to tell Jakob to pull his pants up - I don't want to see his underwear band - and I LOL'd when I saw "Tony Blair" as the head Vulutri honcho.

Even the extras in the red riding hood crowd scene were lame - you could feel the twittery "Oh wow, we're in a T'light movie" vibe coming off of them...

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you really think about the Edward-Bella thing it is completely unhealthy and a little creepy. That's not the point, though. The point , as I see it, is to capture the longing, the frustration and conflicting/confusing emotions of being 17. It's exciting, irrational, you feel invinsible, you're lost and you want sex all of the time. I saw the series as a momentary escape into a mixed up little fantasy world. I didn't analyze it too much because then I would have been embarassed that I was reading it...and enjoying evry page!

Anonymous said...

When I read "beach novels" I automatically decide to not over analyze. If you over think these books, you see that it's nuts...but if you can just escape in the moment, I found them captivating. As for Jake's pants - no way, keep em low was the only steamy thing in the movie that kept me there - his half naked body! "Dark, brooding, rich, totally gorgeous guy who drives a cool car and does all of the thinking for the both of us? Sign me up!" - yep, completely agree! If just for one freaking day I could not have to think for myself and have a man just make sure each and every (well, I guess not all with Edward) needs and want is met. Now that is a fantasy itself.