Monday, November 23, 2009

I can just barely see that I am here...


I am high on xanax right now after my take-two dentist appointment. My cavities are filled, I was a good girl and didn't smack my cute dentist this time. He did call me a spaz, and I like that about him.

Here are two funny things I noticed to day:

1) There was a guy in the line at the grocery store buying 5 quarts of ice cream and seven boxes of frosted flakes. I hope he gets some xanax before they fill his soon-to-be cavities.

2) I forget what the other one was, I'm too loaded.

3) I didn't win the lottery UH-GIN. Why does the universe hate me so?

See you tomorzzzzzzzzzz..........


Lara Starr said...

I hate teeth, and the dentist, and gums. They always tell me it's better to have my teeth than dentures, but I'm not convinced.

What I LOVE is peeking at other people's groceries and imagining what the backstory is. Like the biker dude behind me in line at like 6:30am buying only a 1/2 gallon of mango ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Your post was HILARIOUS! You should always take Xanax before you write. :)

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