Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skype Hype

I usually think of myself as a pretty tech-savvy cat.  I am the IT department for my house, and I know how to fix my mom's computer when it breaks down.  (This means when there is a power outage, and it shuts down her computer, I tell her where the power button is.  She thinks I'm amazing.)  I am the one who deals with the wireless stuff, and the printer and all the other cables and crap, so my shit pretty much doesn't stink.

Here's the thing.  I cannot for the life of me figure out this Skype thing.  I created two accounts, one for me and one for Rob so we can video chat when I'm on my trip.  Video calling over wifi is supposed to be free, right?  I have him logged in on the home computer, and I have myself logged into the iPad.  It does not give me the option to video call.  I've looked everywhere, the button just isn't there.  I'm guessing it doesn't work on iPad.  I suppose I could buy us some credits or whatever, but what the hell?  I thought Skype was free?  I thought that was the whole point!  And why is an iPad not a computer?  I know its a mobile device, but how is it not also a computer?  I'm very confused.

There's no free lunch.  I run into this all the time.  When it sounds too good to be true, it is.  Skype is still cheaper than the iPhone, but this is getting so complicated.  Video chatting is not all is cracked up to be anyway.  Its a little self conscious.  I always look terrible on the camera, all chins and blotchiness, and what if I want to pick my nose, or surf the internet, or take my bra off?  I often go to the bathroom while on the phone; if I'm talking to a close friend, I flush.  They know me.  I'll wait to flush if its someone who would think I was a barbarian.  Sometimes, you just gotta go.  I couldn't go to bathroom while on video chat, though, could I? Actually, I have this one friend who totally wouldn't care.  In fact, I think she's brought her iPhone in the bathroom and peed on the facetime.

What the hell am I talking about?  Oh yeah.  Skype doesn't do what I thought it could do, and nothing's free.  Do I really need to talk to my husband while I'm gone?  Probably, I guess.  I'm going to be gone long enough that he will actually run out of clean underwear.  He'll have to call and ask me where the laundry soap is.  He's not that helpless, really, but no one folds his panties like I do.

Any Skype suggestions?

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