Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can I make it Sing?

I had such good luck the last time I went to the antique market, I decided to drag Rob along and go again.  I was hoping to score a two-drawer antique dresser than I can fancy up and put in my front hallway.  I have a vision, people, and I will not be stopped. 

We pulled out of our driveway and drove around the corner, and someone on the street was having a garage sale.  Right out front was a two-drawer dresser, just like I want.  I hopped out to take a look, but it was pretty rough.  It needed a lot of work, and, even though a lot of work was what I had in mind, I thought I could do better at the antique market.  I thought the place would be crawling with two-drawer dressers just waiting to be my little summer project. 

This particular antique market, in Alameda, is effing enormous.  Its like the size of Disneyland and has better food. It is open once a month and their website says they get 10,000 visitors every time they're open.  I don't doubt it.  We went up and down the aisles, looking for this damned dresser, and by the end I was exhausted, empty-handed, and full-bellied (I had a killer falafel sandwich and a refreshing mint lemonade.)

I did find one piece, for $225, but it had already been refinished in black, the one color I don't want, and it had a fake top that I would have needed to be replaced. I decided, no.

We dragged our sorry asses back home, so tired I thought I was going to die.  We drove past the garage sale and the dresser was still there.  I bought it for $20.  So, not a complete loss. 

Then I got a little drunk off sangria.

Here it is:  It looks much better in this picture than it does in real life. 

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