Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today is The Day!!

I'm gonna kick some ass today.  I'm gonna kick some ass, and take some names.  I'm gonna kick some ass, take some names, and do some laundry. 

I have been sitting around this house like an old, tired dog all week, and it shows.  There's crap everywhere you look, dishes, full hampers, cat hair etc. and it has to stop.  Rob also pointed out to me that he eats his breakfast from a box (instant oatmeal at work) his lunch from a box (frozen lunch from Safeway) and often his dinner comes from a box as well (Thanks, Trader Joes!)  Now, don't I feel like a douche bag?  I can't promise I'll make a fresh dinner tonight (that freezer is pretty full of boxes right now) but I have committed to not touching this computer, not talking on the phone, and not being sidelined until this place is cleaned up.  Its shameful.

Rob also wanted me to point out that the other night he came home from work and I was exhausted, so he made dinner and did the dishes.  He thinks he is unfairly characterized in this blog.  I know many of you probably think so, too, but he isn't  I went through all the posts with "Rob" in the subject, and at least a third of them are glowing, another third are neutral, and only one little third is crazy, bitching lunacy.  I think that perfectly sums up most marriages, don't you?

I'm off!  To kick some ass!  Take some names!  Blah Blah etc. etc...

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