Monday, October 25, 2010

Soup's On!

We had rain all weekend, and you know how much I love that.  Today, though, its sunny again, dammit, but I made butternut squash soup anyway.  Leila is home sick, and I'm not feeling that great either, so I really wish it were still raining.  I've been pretty productive today, for me, and in spite of not feeling well. I've done some laundry, made soup, dyed my moms hair, and I plan to make banana bread and read some of my book club book.  I'm just so awesome. 

I came to a realization that I feel the need to share, mostly because nothing really interesting has happened in the last few days and I have nothing else to write about.  You know how I've been saying that I haven't cooked a good dinner in a long while, and we eat a lot out of the frozen food section of Trader Joes?  Well, delicious though that may be, I think I figured something out.  I don't like to cook summer foods like salads and bar b que and recipes that say "serve immediately."  Those are things you have to make at 5 in the evening, and why would I want to get off my ass, put down my wine, have my kid like a schnauzer around my ankles, and do work?  I like to cook winter foods, like soups and stews and hearty things like that.  I have more energy in the morning, not to mention some freakin' peace and quiet, so I make these wintery foods at around 9 a.m. and they sit and meld and are delicious by dinner time, and I look like a super star.  I do like my man to come home to a house that smells like cooking, and serve him up a hot meal, but not if I have to start at 5 and then clean up afterward.  Fuck that noise.  No sir.

So now that its getting colder, and the rainy season has started, I think I'll be doing a lot more cooking.  Sorry, Trader Joes, you wont be seeing me at least until this phase has passed and I need your delectable pulled pork. 


Rebecca said...

No need to go to TJs for pulled pork! I have a really good pulled pork recipe that you make in the slow cooker, so you can start it in the morning and everything :) Let me know if you want me to send it on!

Bored Housewife said...

You are the second person to give me a slow cooker recipe in five minutes. I think I need to buy a slow cooker...