Thursday, June 11, 2009

School's Out for the Summer-like Weather

Today is the last day of school. I was walking through the campus this morning after drop off, and I started tearing up. Then I thought, What the hell is wrong with me? I'll be right back here in two and a half months, and I can visit Leila's teacher whenever I want. There's nothing to be so sad about. Except that our principal, whom I love, is retiring, and my life is rushing by so fast and I'm almost forty, but, other than that, what's the big deal?
I have some moments of rest today, between the first grade party yesterday and the camping trip tomorrow. Last night, though, I went to the PTA cocktail party at E's house. I was in charge of cosmos, which I made in abundance. I used a whole bottle of cranberry juice cocktail and I think I have enough left over to meet my personal cocktail needs for the entire summer. Now, I've said it before: This is not your mother's PTA. Or, frankly, maybe it is, who knows, I was a kid at the time. Anyway, these are all sharp ladies who volunteer their little hearts out for all the kids in the school, and they know how to party. This time, after C had had a cosmo or two, she went out to her car and wrestled in her Karaoke machine which easily weighs more than she does. First song was I Love Rock n Roll, complete with heavy metal scream, and the next was, of course, Rick Springfield. They just can't get enough Jessie's Girl. E had the mic, and didn't need no stinkin' words on the screen. Its like she'd been preparing for this moment since 1982. Then her five-year-old came out in his footie pajamas and told her to knock it off. I really have to remember to bring my camera to these things.
Tomorrow we leave for the second camping trip of summer 2009. Leila is so anal about what I can call summer. I know summer doesn't actually officially start until the solstice, and we're really still in spring, but come memorial day, its summer; last day of school, summer. She's reduced me to saying "its summer-like weather" instead of calling it a nice summer day. She's such a freakin' stickler. Anyway, unlike the last camping trip, I haven't really started packing. I did all the shopping, and everything is planned out, but normally I would be running around with my spread sheet, all in a dither, but I'm chillin' instead. Also, unlike the last camping trip, I plan on bringing a whole duffle bag full of cold weather clothes so I don't freeze my t**ts off again. Now that was winter-like weather.


k said...

I sure hope you don't freeze on the camping trip like that time.

I look forward to joining PTA when the time comes.

Michelle said...

I gotta tell you, as a former PTA president (no less!!) we never had that sort of fun. I would love to be part of your PTA . . . of course I was probably a little tiny bit more uptight than I am now. Good for you Bored Housewife . . . you're that much more evolved than I was and therefore way ahead of the game!