Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Countdown to the End of First Grade

Thanks for sitting through the three-part series, its over now.
This week is so crazy! Its the last week of school, and there are parties, and crap coming home from school, and, unexpectedly, all kinds of emotions about the end of first grade. Leila doesn't want it to end, and I think I'm way more excited about summer vacay than she is. I was making a play list for the end-of-year party at the park tomorrow (along with cupcakes with twinkie filling; so disgusting, but so delicious) and I was getting all teary listening to all these stupid songs, lamenting the passing of time. No more little baby. The eye-rolling has started, the trying to stop me from singing in the house, the closed bedroom door, but I still have the hugs, and the tickling, and the reading aloud at night, and the little hands and feet, and the giggles, so I'll be okay. I just can't help thinking that in a scant 10 years, she'll be gone (hopefully,) all the animals will be dead (hopefully) and this house will finally be the right size for Rob and me, if we still like each other. If we don't, it will still be way too small.
Yesterday and today I had laundry-palooza, and its all done. This morning I went to the grocery store and bought nothing but crap to the tune of $107. First grade party, PTA cocktail party (I'm in charge of the cosmos) and camping this weekend, you know how it goes. Aside from a bag of salad, there were no fruits or veggies in my cart, but things like marshmallow fluff and Vodka, and Doritos were front and center. One of these days, when all the potlucks are finally over, I'll shop like a normal adult again. I put the groceries away, and made duncan hines cupcakes, filled them with the twinkie-like filling, and now all I have to do is frost them. I washed all the mixing bowls and measuring cups and put them away, I ate lunch, I created a How Well Do You Know Me quiz on facebook, and voila, here I am. What's wrong with me? I'm never this productive. I haven't taken one nap today or anything. I do have Food Network on in the back ground while I'm writing this, though, so my sloth is not far away. I even made the two phone calls I've been putting off for weeks, and paid my car registration. Something's up.
I have a pimple on the edge of my nostril that's driving me nuts!

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k said...

That sounds like a very painful pimple.

Very productive day indeed.

Enjoy the Vodka. :)