Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Okay, we are now on day three of Rob being sick. My bed side manner usually lasts 24 hours, which is usually all he really needs. But not this time. He has been horizontal since Friday at around noon, and I have been shuttling ginger ale and doing all the other stuff you're supposed to do when your man is sick, but I'm starting to lose my patience.

I know I have no right. When I get sick, I don't mess around, especially this year, and he always takes pretty good care of me, but this morning I thought of something:
He slept on the couch last night so he could have easy access to the bathroom (oh yeah, we're in the gastro-intestinal part of the program) and so he could watch TV without bothering me. I was relieved because our bedroom was so rank yesterday morning, I thought he'd shit the bed. So I threw the windows open and had the bed to myself. So, this morning, I go out to the living room and the man looks like death. Pale, pasty, with a three day beard and bed head. He asks me to get him a smoothy, and I ask if I should take the dog with me, and he says yes because he doesn't want to deal with the barking and the needing to go outside.

It is at this moment that I remember that when I came out of the hospital, couldn't walk, couldn't go to the bathroom by myself, he went to work. I was lying helpless on the couch, and I had to deal with the dog barking and the kid coming home from school and stuff like that. So he's now lying here, under Leila's comforter, watching golf, and speaking in such whiny, muffled tones that I can hardly understand him. I'd say my bedside manner has expired, wouldn't you?

I'm going to be good. I'm not going to let it show. I may, however, kick him back into the bedroom so he doesn't suck up all the energy in the house. My house is small, and if someone is watching something on TV in the living room, everyone has to listen to it. If he were watching the biography channel, that would be one thing.

By the way, the biography channel has let me down; I switched to it a couple of times when I needed something to watch, and instead of biographies, they were playing a show about female cops, and shows about paranormal activity. Screw that.

Poor Stinky


joanna nelson said...

It is time, my friend, to write another blog.
Father's Day is so last week.

Bored Housewife said...

I know, I know, I'll write something tonight.