Saturday, June 20, 2009


Rob is sick today. He has a little fever and a headache and a back ache and general malaise. So, that's what I'm doing today. I will be administering ginger ale, taking his temperature, rubbing his back and putting cool things on his forehead. I'm not complaining, especially since I was sick for a few months this year, and he did everything up to and including helping me go to the bathroom. I just hope he doesn't barf. I am no good when anyone barfs. Except my kid: she can barf.

Everyone is still asleep in this house. Its nice and quiet. We were just forced to get digital cable, along with the rest of the country, and the other night when there was nothing on the channels I usually watch, I decided to see what was beyond channel 73. I made it to channel 300, but I don't think I actually clicked through 227 channels. It was pretty much all home shopping, sports and cspan, but on channel 275 I found the biography channel. Fascinating! This means there will always be something to watch! I can watch a biography of just about anyone. Their lives fall into three categories: trauma at the beginning (which they have over come to achieve a happy ending,) trauma in the middle (which they have over come to achieve a happy ending,) and on-going trauma (which the narrator is hopeful they will over come to achieve an eventual happy ending.) Sometimes the trauma is more like "trauma," like a beloved grandparent dies, or they fail their driver's test or something like that, but its built up like the subjects very sanity hangs in the balance. I love pinpointing the moment in the show where they manufacture the inner turmoil, and I drink a shot the first time the narrator uses the word "demons."

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joanna nelson said...

You lie.
You don't do shots.
Good thing I didn't just reach for the phone. Hope you enjoy a quiet household for many more hours.

Remember the time I threw up on Bob's chest?