Wednesday, June 24, 2009

And We're back!

Rob is finally going back to work tomorrow. He's been here, dangling around, spraying the bowl, making me lower myself to mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage, since Friday. I've gotten to a whole other level of bedside manner, though; my usual 24 hours of sweetness and light stretched into 36, then for the next 36 I did my best to hide my complete loss of patience, and after that, I went into a sort of automatic pilot mode, where my pretending to want to do nice things for my ailing husband settled into an actual wanting to do nice things for him. But now its mostly over, thank God, and he's getting out of my house.

His convalescence has not been without its advantages. I have made one food/beverage run (no pun intended) after another for him over the last few days, and every time I was out, I got myself a little treat. I never found my hard-sought-after pulled pork sandwich, so I settled for an al pastor burrito. I've had vietnamese food, a hamburger, sushi, pizza and yesterday I had a butterfinger bar. I've also had breakfast pastries and popsicles. So, Rob has lost five or six pounds, and I'm holding them for safe keeping.

After all that fine dining, though, I'm not feeling too hot myself. I have a head cold and I'm sleepy. What did one elevator say to the other? I think I'm coming down with something. Today, Leila had tennis camp until 12:30, then she went to C's house for a playdate and didn't come home until after 6. I'd had a Netflix envelope sitting around with the first disc of the first season of Dexter, and we decided to watch all of it in one sitting. If you've never heard of Dexter, its a show with the gay brother from Six Feet Under (another series we watched beginning to glorious end care of Netflix) and he plays a serial killer. Not the sort of thing I usually go for, but he's a very complex, sympathetic character who has a strict moral code and only kills really bad people. It was sick and twisted and awesome and I loved it. It was hard to eat during it, especially the frozen cheese enchilada that I had for lunch, and I had to cover my eyes sometimes, but it was totally worth it.

My dog is wigging from the lack of physical activity in this house today, and just ran headlong into the wall while chasing the cat. Serves him right. Poor cat can't even leave the back bedroom unmolested. I think tomorrow, if I'm feeling up to anything besides dancing through the husband-free house, Leila and I will take him to the dog park and then give him a bath. That should shut him up for a while.

A good, time honored friend of mine is having her first baby in August (you know who you are!) and I was sitting here earlier trying to remember what some of my favorite baby items were. There were these burp cloth things that I bought by mistake which turned out to be the best thing ever, and I still use them as dust rags. But a pile of boring cotton cloths doesn't make for an exciting gift, so my mind turned to kid's books, and I have a lot of favorites, but you can't really use those for a while, and babies rip them to shreds. I will not, as long as I live, purchase a stuffed animal for anyone, ever. Leila has three bins of the damn things and wont part with any of them. People keep giving them to her, though, and the pile keeps growing. I'll have to give it some more thought, but the point is, it was just so long ago that I had a teeny tiny baby, I can scarcely remember the items that I once couldn't live without. Its a really good thing I can't have any more kids, though. The one I have already thinks I'm on the computer too much.

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