Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How I've been Killing Time Lately

Hi all. I have been doing actual parenting things lately. Most days, the goal is just to get the kid through the day, fed, clean-ish, hugged, rested, etc. But I did things that felt like parenting. I took her to the doctor to get tested for strep on the advice of my doctor, and, though she has no symptoms and feels perfectly fine, she tested positive for strep and is now on antibiotics. Rob also tested positive for strep, so I have two typhoid-Maries, with no symptoms, ready to infect me at any moment. Bastards.
Then, I realized that this kid has been wearing the same underwear since preschool. I decided it must be time to get her a new batch of panties, so we scampered off to the mall in search of some days-of-the-week underpants, found them plus some others, and I shelled out fifty bucks for a dozen pair. I was a little blown away. I can't remember the last time I shelled out that amount for underpants, and I've been wearing the same ones since she was in preschool, too. We got them home, she tried them on, and they were too big. Do you know what this means? It means her little busheeks haven't grown at all in years. Unbelievable! I put them through the wash and now they kind of fit, which is a relief since she was on the verge of tears because she wanted to wear her new chonis. I don't blame her. Those Hanes Her Ways, size four, have gotten a little stale, and if you're going to hang upside down on the playground in a skirt, you had better have something interesting to look at, don't you think?
Yesterday, I checked for lice on the heads of Leila's classmates. We do this every so often, and the hope is that you will rummage through clean heads of hair with two plastic forks and find nothing suspicious. No critters in room A10, I'm glad to report. I had lice 20 years ago when I was a nanny. There was a big outbreak at the kid's school, and we all got it. I had long curly hair at the time, and my BFF sat up with me until midnight picking nits out of my hair. Now, that's love. There is the gross factor, but really, they're just a nuisance.
After lice check I went to the allergist. He looked in my throat and told me I have thrush which is a yeast infection in your throat. So disgusting. I hadn't noticed a thing until he told me, and now all I feel is weirdness in the back of my throat. I have to dissolve these chalky tablets in my mouth five times a day for 6 days to get rid of it. Luckily, they don't taste like anything. This has nothing to do with parenting, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
When I was back home, Leila's teacher called to tell me that the straps on her overalls had fallen into the toilet and she needed a clean pair of pants. This cracked me up, and I ran some over to her. It was fun to see her in the middle of the day, and she was not at all embarrassed or in any other way perturbed that she was walking around with wet pee-water pants.
The last parenting thing was something that I had planned to do, but didn't get around to. Leila's friend lent her a DVD called Stranger Safety that I want us to watch together. Seems like a responsible, parenty thing to do.
Today, she's having her friend, C, over, and they will probably laugh their butts off. Maybe that's why Leila's old underpants still fit. I went to the lab this morning and had about a dozen little vials filled with my precious blood. I'm also going to have to do a stress echo, where they'll hook me up to a bunch of stuff and make me exercise! It's going to be so embarrassing. I am in the worst shape of my life, and now all the strangers at the lab who don't care will know it. I also cleaned my cats ears with a q tip. He didn't care for it, but it needed to be done.
I have a bunch of things to do, like laundry and dishes and phone calls, but netflix sent me Coalminer's Daughter, and all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with some raw cookie dough and watch it. This reminds me: the hot dude from Gilmore Girls was in my dream last night... It was heavenly, if only for a moment. He and Lorelei shared a kiss on the show yesterday, and I looked at Rob and said, "I love to watch them kiss. If I didn't have thrush, and didn't have strep..."

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