Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friday Five, part deux

I missed the Friday Five last week, so I'll do them now:
1) What is something you know how to draw? Um... I can actually draw a lot of things. I used to be a pretty good artist, and took some classes, and was even an art history major for about ten minutes. I used to draw a lot of coats, for some reason. Somewhere in my parents' house is a roll of pencil drawings of trench coats. Now my artistic skills are concentrated in play dough, and drawing flowers and things for my daughter, and, frankly, I hardly ever do that either. I can, however, draw a bath with some panache.

2) Who's someone you could get away with impersonating? Jennifer Lopez. Just kidding. I do not have one of those faces that looks like anyone famous. A long time ago, probably 40 or 50 pounds ago, someone told me they thought that I looked like Rachel Ward; you know, the woman who played the main character in the Thorn Birds miniseries, and was later in a movie remembered only for its theme song by Phil Collins. She's super hot, so whoever thought I looked like her clearly wanted to borrow money. I suppose impersonating someone doesn't have to mean you look like them, though. I think I do a pretty good impersonation of my best friend's daughter, who's a crack up.

3) Where's the stapler: Oh this is a good one. The actual stapler is in my desk drawer, right below where my fingers are typing right this minute. I actually use a staple-less stapler when I can, but I have a red swingline tot 50 in the drawer. It is a teeny tiny stapler, that takes miniature staples. I bought a black one in college, and it was immediately and to this day referred to as the swingline tot 50, and I still have it somewhere. When I met my husband, he had the red version and I knew it was meant to be.

4) Why will this be a great weekend? It wont. Or, I don't have high hopes. It is supposed to be one of those perfect Northern California weekends: 80 degrees and sunny. I am schlepping myself around right now like I'm half dead, and I can only imagine that this will continue into this weekend. But if I were to look on the bright side, what will make it good is that my husband will be home, and he can deal with all the shit around here. He can do something fun with the kid, he can make lunch, he can peel me a grape, get some laundry done, etc. etc.

5) When are you going to make that phone call you've been putting off? I can proudly say that I made all the phone calls that were on my list. Except I didn't. I didn't call my allergist last Monday to give him the readings on my flux capacitor... I mean my peak flow meter, but since I went into the hospital, I think I have a pretty good excuse. I am also supposed to call back this nurse/case manager from my insurance company, but I just haven't had it in me. I'll call tomorrow. I do have some questions.

Not a lot of get-up-and-go in me today, dear readers. The stapler question was my favorite. See you next Friday!

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