Friday, April 3, 2009

The Friday Five

Okay, so check this out. I only write here when I'm inspired and feel like writing, but I have just discovered that there are little prompts out there in blog land for when you're bored writing about your own pathetic life. I found it cruising other people's blogs, trolling for readers. Not that you aren't enough for me, but I'm never going to be famous with just my merry band of loyal followers.
I'll give this a try, you tell me whether it works for you or not.

1) Favorite fizzy, bubbly drink: Uh, Coke, duh! Classic, preferably from a fountain with crushed ice. I go through phases; sometimes I prefer the can, sometimes I prefer the fountain, and I'm in a fountain cycle right now. I normally buy those little 100 calorie cans, but yesterday I bought a two-liter bottle because it was on sale, and I have to say I'm feeling a lot of pressure to drink it all before it loses its fizz. I also like champagne.

2) Favorite deep fried food: Anything. Deep fried dog poo, deep fried napkin, doesn't matter. But, if forced to choose (and, you can't see him, but there is a guy here with a gun to my head,) I would say that the obvious answer is french fries, but my second choice would be popcorn shrimp or something like that. I love a good egg roll, and I think they're deep fried.

3) Favorite hot beverage: Not a huge fan of the hot beverage, and I don't care for anything coffee flavored, let alone actual coffee. I really don't understand the devotion people seem to have to coffee, although if its anything like Gilmore Girls reruns, I guess I do get it. My go-to hot beverage is Twinings Eeal Grey tea, decaf, one cube of sugar. It has to be Twinings, although Republic of tea is respectable, but not decaf. No Bigelow, can't stand the stuff. I have a really funny story about tea and sugar, but I'll save it for another time.

4) Favorite really messy food: I recently had a sandwich that was a BLT with a fried egg in it, over easy. It was awesome, and really messy. Rob had one, too, and there was egg yolk running down his arm. I like cake, too, but I guess anything is messy if you eat it with your hands tied behind your back, which I would totally do if that was the only way someone would let me eat cake.

5) Favorite recipe for blended or mixed beverage: Cosmos. I love 'em, and I'm a tiny bit famous for 'em. I made margaritas for softball practice today, but cosmos are more my style. I used to drink whisky sours, and I still like them, but I usually go for the cosmo. I was so relieved when I finally found a cocktail that I actually liked drinking. I used to go out with friends and order rum and cokes, and screw drivers and, frankly, those things are nasty. Who knew that a cocktail wasn't supposed to be something you suffered through? I had a very brief experimentation with Stoly on the rocks, which doesn't fit into the blended or mixed category, but it ended with me almost throwing up on Rob's receptionist in the bar bathroom, and, worse than that, I missed Rob doing karaoke, because my forehead was on the table. No no, no more Stoly on the rocks for me.

So, how was this for you? Fun for me, gave me something to write about today other than laundry and grocery shopping, both of which I have done today, much to my own amazement.
I have a parent-teacher conference this afternoon with Leila's teacher. I have to sit there and listen to how fabulous she is. Tell me something I don't know, lady. I think I'm supposed to be really interested in how many words per minute she reads, and how she's doing with math and stuff, but I kind of blank out when her teacher talks about that stuff. She loves school, and she cracks me up, and we don't yell at each other that much and we hug a lot. What's left?

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