Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Toy!

Oh man, y'all, I'm finally back.  I feel like I've been gone a month and five days.  I'm happy to be in my own bed again, and I want to stay there until I get bedsores.  I didn't hardly have internet access this whole time, and when I did, I didn't have time to stay in touch, but here I am!  Never fear!

I am sitting at my desk right next to my new iPhone.  I just want to lick it, and eat it for dinner.  Its so pretty, and glossy, and sleak and I put all my stuff on it, and now I just want to stare at it.  Actually, I want to get in the car and drive until I'm lost, and then use the beautiful iPhone to find the nearest Chipotle, the nearest ATM, call my husband and tell him I'm lost, and then use the map feature to get home, all the while listening to podcasts, and watching the first Sex and the City movie at red lights.  Ahhhhh.

I'll fill you in on more stuff later, or maybe not.  I'm still kind of punchy and tired, and I don't know where to start, so I think I'll start with some chardonnay and kick it.

Love to your mother.


EGB said...

An iphone is a wonderful thing... so is a bottle of Chardonnay. (You can read what happened when I got two glasses into a lovely bottle of Nickel and Nickel at http://afacebookstory-oneclickaway.blogspot.com/2010/07/god-forbid-it-hits-oriental.html)

cell phones, cocktails, girls nights out and mommy blogs - key items in our survival kits!!

Welcome back!

Val said...

Welcome back! I got an iPhone about 4 months ago and I am so addicted to that thing. And there is an app for everything. I need a "put your damn iPhone down and play with your kid" app. Love it! Enjoy! There is a game, Words with Friends that is fun and addicting. Scrabble like but you can play other iPhone users. I spend hours on it and my husband and I sit and play each other and don't talk for hours...in the same room. With any luck, we will never have to actually interact again. :)

Bored Housewife said...

Val, my husband is addicted to that game too! He plays with his mother, among other people, and I finally had to institute the rule: No Words with your Mother while you're in the Bedroom with Me"