Friday, August 13, 2010

New Pass Time

I have a new pass time.  You know the mildew that accumulates on shower curtains?  At the bottom, around the edges, and in random splotches all around?  I have made it my mission in life to eradicate those splotches.  The rest of the bathroom is still going straight to hell, and I don't even want to talk about the pink mildew in between the tiles, or the caulking around the tub that has gone terribly, terribly wrong.  I want to celebrate the one small thing in my bathroom that is now clean, or clean ish.

My college roommates and I heard that if you throw the shower curtain in the washing machine with a few washcloths, the splotches will disappear.  I tried that.  It was wishful thinking.  Then Rob took the whole thing down and hosed it off in the driveway and scrubbed it.  That worked, but it wasn't a realistic plan for the future of the shower curtain.  He kept telling me to just throw it away and get a new one, but the eco-conscience that sits on my shoulder (that's you, Jo) kept shreeking, "Landfill!  LANDFILL!" so I just wrestled with the splotches, spraying chemicals on them, until one day, two of the grommets that hold the shower curtain earringy things broke, and there was no choice but to get a new one.  I got an identical one, and it had the same problem as the first: the corners curled in on themselves, making a cozy place for mildew to accumulate.

I know you're yelling at your computer right now,  "Why didn't you just WIPE IT CLEAN  like a normal person?!"  Dude, I know.  I have a special kind of paralysis when it comes to cleaning my bathroom.  When you sit on the toilet in this bathroom, you stare right into some of these splotches, and it always bothered me.  People who come to my house often don't have occasion to use the bathroom, so the overgrown population of microbes goes largely un-noticed.  But when they do use the bathroom and they're sitting on the can; splotches.

I decided I had had enough, and one day while taking a shower I used a washcloth and some shampoo and scrubbed those splotches.  Lo and behold, it worked!  Amazing how something becomes clean when you, y'know, clean it

I didn't get all of them, though.  When the shower curtain is wet, they're harder to see, so now, every time I use the toilet, I inspect the shower curtain, get out a washcloth and scrub.  Its become an obsession.  Now if only cleaning the rest of the bathroom would become an obsession, I'd be in business.

You know what else is cool?  That while I'm scrubbing at the last remaining splotches, I'm thinking, This would make an awesome blog post.  My apologies.


EGB said...

Okay, woman, you need to call some girlfriends, book a sitter and get out for a cocktail. If nothing else, read about the cocktail described in today's post, "Would it hurt if I salted your ----?"

There is bored, and there is BORED. You're wicked funny. Bring it back...


joanna nelson said...

What? I had now idea of this new hobby when you were here! Did you, perchance, notice the bottom of our curtain? Hmm. I guess you were a bit busy to do anything about it even if you had....

There's always next time!!