Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chile: All Ways Surprising*

Remember when I canceled cable?  It was a few months ago, and I swear I have never looked back.  I thought I would miss falling asleep during John Stewart, and miss all my cooking and decorating shows (Ina!  Candace!) and that I might not be able to live without Roseanne reruns.  Turns out, my fear was for naught, and life has been perfectly blissful without cable.  John Stewart is only a few clicks away, I already know how to make roasted brussel sprouts, my house looks freakin' amazing, and I can recite almost every Roseanne episode you can throw at me.  Ah...  Rob even found ways to watch major league baseball online, and maybe even his beloved Buckeyes, but that's not really my problem.

Here is my problem:  Awards shows.  I did not consider this when I canceled cable.  I figured out how to watch Mad Men without having cable and that was all I really worried about.  I didn't consider award shows.  Damn!  The Emmy's were on Sunday, an early beginning to award show season, and I searched online for a place to watch them.  I found lots of behind-the-scenes clips, a thank-you-cam, some red carpet stuff, but no live streaming of the actual awards.  Until I happened upon...

Chilean television.  I swear to God.  I watched the last half of the emmys at my desk on a 3X5 low res' window on my computer streamed - with commercials - on Chilean TV.  The show was broadcast entirely in English, no subtitles, and the commercials were half in English too.  America would so never do that, but I'm grateful that Chile did.

I usually Tivo the red carpet and the actual show, then start watching later, on my nice, big screen, fast forward through the commercials and the speeches, and pause and rewind and make a night of it.  This may be a problem...

There should be an award show package you can buy on line, just like there is a major league baseball package.  Where the hell am I going to watch the Golden Globes!?  I may have not thought this through.  I generally don't like watching at other people's houses because they talk through stuff, but I may have to resort to inviting myself over.  I'll bring wine!

(* The tourism slogan for Chile, my second favorite country)

P.S. Happy Anniversary, Rob!  14 years today!


lama said...

If you remind me early enough I'll Tivo them for you and you can watch them in their full glory in the living room while I'm at work.

Lara Starr said...

Streaming Chilean TV! Where there's a will, there's a way! I admire your tenacity!