Friday, July 30, 2010

What? WHAT??!!

This is the noisiest neighborhood ever, I swear to God.  I might as well be living in a city with buses and car alarms and sirens!  Its either leaf blowers or hedge clippers (which are fine if they're being used in my yard) or jack hammers, and this morning it sounds like some kind of generator.  Maybe someone painting there house with an air pressure sprayer or something?  Add to that that my neighbors across the street have embarked on the Longest Backyard Landscaping Project to Ever Happen in the Universe, and there are minimum three trucks parked on this little street every day, and people of all sorts coming in and out.  And the kicker is, the neighbors themselves are not even here!  They don't have to listen to the honey wagon coming once a week to clean out the porta potty that's been in their driveway for two months.  AND when the home owner isn't around, the workers can take as long as they want.  How long can it possibly take to put in a new patio and an outside kitchen?!  Honestly!

My whole house smells like morning breath.  I worked with garlic yesterday, that's probably what it is.  I'd like to open the windows for some fresh air but A) its 62 degrees outside, and B) THE NOISE!  No matter.  We'll be going away this week for some R&R.  But come to think of it, we'll be staying in a house with 5 additional adults and two additional children, and I'm related to a lot of them, so I don't know how much R&R there is really going to be.  More like D&E (drinking and eye-rolling) or A&F (ambien and fist-clenching) or DB&RDU (Deep Breathing and Recreational Drug Use.)

Leila has been gone since yesterday morning, and I wish I could say I miss her, but...  I do love that kid more than anything else, but the peace and quiet of no audiobooks, and the uninterrupted time, and not dropping what I'm working on to make someone a grilled cheese, and the not having to facilitate the making of stop animation videos, and the not fighting for her to do one little thing on her chore list has been really nice.  She comes back this afternoon, but until then I have time to listen to podcasts, eat Lucky Charms, and paint those cabinets!

Have a great weekend!!


The MamaSutra said...

Ah hahahaha! Your alternatives to R&R are CLASSIC!!! Love 'em.

Keep the laughs coming

EGB said...

Time alone is such a rarity! I'm writing about the 40th trip my girls are trying to take me on and how hubby insists, but truth is, it's hard to arrange everything and everyone else so that you can have time away. Hope you enjoyed your time on your own, and that you're surviving the relations. That's a toughie too! Thanks for sharing!