Thursday, May 6, 2010

Let 'er Drip!

I just can't get enough of myself right now. I am impressing myself left and right. I'm insufferable! I will now kiss my guns: (kiss noise, kiss noise)

Guess what I did today? In addition to frosting my mom's hair and washing the dog, I installed a new hose bib and A DRIP SYSTEM all by myself. And you know what else? IT WORKS! I just sat outside in a chair in front of my little herb-garden-in-a-barrel, and, voila! right at eight o'clock, it went on, and nothing is leaking, and its a freakin' miracle!

I'm so pumped on this project, and I have enough materials left over, that I am thinking of installing another drip system in my front yard tomorrow. It took less than an hour, so I could totally do it, and still hit two grocery stores and take a nap. I rule. I rule the free world!!!

I wanted to do it myself anyway, but with Rob out of town, it was the perfect time to test my skills. I haven't taken out the garbage or anything yet, but I installed a drip system, so the garbage can wait.

La la la! I am the best!


lama said...

I have to come by and see this - I still need to ask nicely for my second Sat. nite hall-pass in a row... BTW we displayed your auction post for Maureen today to give her a much needed giggle. She loved it!

Michelle said...

Congratulations - you are woman - hear you roar!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get home and see it. :-) -Rob