Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Party in the USA

I picked up Leila from school today and by the time we had walked home, my face was in a full allergy rage. Leila's little friend came home with us, and she looks pitiful, too. I wanted them to play outside since its nice and sunny out and they have STAR testing this week and are encouraged to get outside and run around after school, but I can't submit this little munchkin to that kind of allergic abuse.

So now they are in Leila's room with the door closed playing rockstar sisters. After I was done with my sparkly fabric the other night, I gave it to Leila for her dress-up bin. They are in there wrapping it around themselves and securing it with binder clips and blasting Miley Cyrus (Party in the USA, love that song.)

I totally remember doing this. My hairbrush/microphone got A LOT of use. Now Taylor swift is caterwauling in there. Now I hear them digging through a bin of blocks or legos. It sounds like they're building a boat or something.

The little allergic friend came out a minute ago to get a kleenex and she was wearing one of Leila's shirts, and when she went back in the room I heard her say "Your mom saw my shirt and she wasn't mad." I love it when I'm referred to as Your Mom.

My house is grossing me out again and something must be done. I guess I have to be the one to do it. Rob is going out of town tomorrow for a few days (ahhhhhh....) and I'm washing all his clothes and stuff. Is it wrong that I'm looking forward to him being gone for a few days? It does mean I'll have to take the garbage cans to the curb, but I'm excited to have the place to myself. Of course, I have to share it with the kid, but she's alright. You know what I need for this weekend? A hot pool boy. Does one need to have a pool to get a pool boy?

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