Monday, May 24, 2010


Something you may not know about me is that I'm a bit of a Lost junky, the TV show. Lately, I've been rewatching this season's episodes the morning after with two of my fellow Lost junkies, and then we read blogs about it and discuss it and just generally geek out. If we had been doing this for the past six years, it would be really sad, but we've only been doing it for a couple of months, so I feel okay about it.

Last night was the series finale episode, the big kahuna, and I stayed up way past my bed time to watch the whole dil-darned thing. I was too tired toward the end to feel anything but eager to go to bed, but when we watched it again this morning, I experienced the full emotional effect. I'm kind of wasted and heart brokeny right now, and its just A FREAKIN' TV SHOW. That must mean that regardless of what people are writing about the finale today, it had its intended effect on me. I kind of want to watch the last fifteen minutes again, but I don't think I can take it. I need to watch a comedy to shake off this melancholy. And maybe eat some cake.

Waaah haaaah haaaaah!!


Lara Starr said...

I agree - it was really beautiful and emotional, and I'm happy they didn't tie it up in a bow - there's no way they would have been able to.

Dunno if Tom and Lorenzo are on your Lost blog tour, but they have great recap/analysis

Bored Housewife said...

I read them first thing this morning...