Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This subject is a little delicate, so I'm going to try to be as ladylike as I can, okay? Okay. So. Is it only me, or do other people out there get a little, um, libidinous when they get sick?

I think I just figured out why my neighbor told me she can't read this blog anymore. TMI.

Its true, though, and I know I can't be the only one. I'm never that special or unique. I can't figure it out, but its pretty consistent. Most of the time when I catch a cold or a cough or something where I find myself in a reclined position for a day or so, I get concupiscent (how's that for thesaurus work?) I'm at my least attractive (haven't washed my hair since Sunday) I'm usually wearing mismatched pajamas, my legs aren't shaved, I'm surrounded by used tissues, I'm whiney, I'm coughing up a lung, and there is not one single dingle sexy thing about me. And yet... (to be fair, though, maybe just being in the mood is sexy. Most of the time I would just as soon read a good book or watch Lost.) I think it has something to do with the fact that when you finally submit to being sick, you put everything else on hold, and you do not have the energy to worry about anything, you're pretty well- rested, and you're relaxed. Am I right? You don't care that the dishes aren't done and that your kid has watched three hours of television, because YOU'RE SICK and you just want some peace. But I swear: I have the dreams, I have the urges, and, well, there you go.

Is this weird? Am I normal? Is this TMI?


Bored Housewife said...

Thank you! I'm glad someone besides my husband thinks its awesome!

Logos said...

I can tell you it's not a universal trait among women. If it were, I'd be leaving little infectious bombs all over the house ;). I'd say, enjoy an aspect that makes life's worst moments a bit more interesting.