Friday, March 5, 2010

Tagalong with Me to the Bathroom so I can Puke

This morning at school I took delivery of some girl scout cookies that I ordered a while ago. Tagalongs. They're my favorites. They're the peanut butter chunks covered in chocolate with a cookie in there. You can keep your Thin Mints, I'm all about the Tagalongs. Here's the thing, though: With Thin Mints, you get two sleeves of them in one box. I estimate that there are, like, 40 cookies in each box. But Tagalongs, those delicious little morsels, don't come in sleeves, they come in a very eco-unfriendly plastic tray, and each box only holds 15 cookies. I think if the Girl Scouts of America ever decided to put the Thin Mints in a tray of 15 instead of two sleeves of 20 there would be hell to pay. Angry mobs would form, there would be anti Girl Scout Facebook groups, and little girls all over the nation would get pelted with Lorna Doones. Its kind of outrageous, really.

But here's the real problem: This morning at a meeting someone noticed my box of cookies and I told her These will be gone by tonight and I was kind of joking, but not really because at 2:56 p.m. I've eaten more than two thirds of the box.

God, they're delicious.

God, I'm a pig.

I have one more box coming from another girl scout, or, actually, from another girl scout's mother, and those will be gone in a day, too.

So I guess I'm lucky that they don't come in sleeves of 20 because just because there are more, doesn't mean I wouldn't eat them all before sundown. Yes siree: Pig.

***ADDENDUM: I just realized that I never ate lunch today. Just cookies.


lama said...

Man - I can almost taste the Tagalongs. Wishing I'd ordered some!!

Lara Starr said...

I bought some Tagalogs from a coworker. I took three for myself and put the rest up for grabs in the coffee room because otherwise I knew I'd eat the whole damn eco-unfriendly tray of them in the car on the commute home.

s said...

have you ever put them in the freezer? OMG - so much better.

Bored Housewife said...

I'll try that with the next box...