Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why am I Doing This?

Here's the deal. I am going skiing this weekend. I haven't skied in a decade. The last time I skied, I was almost 30, not almost 40, and I didn't have arthritis in my stupid knee. But you know what? I am so jealous that everyone in my family is going skiing that I have decided to ski, even though I know exactly all the different kinds of pain I will be in afterward.

I love to ski, which is weird because I think we both know that I normally hate moving my body in any way that would cause me to A) sweat, B) get sore, C) get out of breath, or D) move quickly. The only part of my body that gets regular exercise are these typing fingers, and they are in great shape, let me tell you! And my mouth; yap yap yap.

But I just can't help myself, I am going to ski. Then I am going to whine. I hope I don't break something. I hope I don't split my brand new ski pants. Its lucky I don't embarrass easily.

So I have been in full-on pre-camping mode, but in this case, its pre ski trip mode. Today my jobs are to clean out the car, start packing the duffle bags, take L to the dentist, stare at the dentist office lady in horror when she hands me the bill, make some cookie dough and reheat last night's dinner. Already today I've exchanged Leila's softball socks AGAIN, bought myself some snow gloves, taken an awesome nap, and eaten a slice of Rob's birthday cake.

My mom used to work at these import places and one time she worked for Bogner. She got a lot of free sample stuff and she still has it all. Is it wrong that I just spent $27 on ski gloves instead of ransacking the box of 35 year old snow stuff? I don't want to call attention to myself by wearing vintage snow stuff, from before they put little clips on the gloves so they would stay together. No, I guess I'd rather call attention to myself by screaming all the way down the bunny hill in a snow overalls that hug my body just so. What am I thinking, people?


lama said...

It's all about having the excuse to soak in the hot tub for a really long time so you can ease your pain!! Have fun - we'll miss you at Spring Fling!

Bored Housewife said...

Do you think I NEED an excuse to soak in a hot tub? That's like NEEDING an excuse to take a nap!