Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tagalongs, the Sequel

I just woke up from an epic nap. I needed it after scrubbing the shower tiles. I did that yesterday, and I'm still exhausted. I think since I started this blog I've written everything I can about those tiles and their pink mildew and the mortar showing through etc. etc. so: Moving On.

There's just a couple of things I wanted to tell you today:

1) I received my second box of Tagalongs today, and I've only eaten three of them. That is a triumph considering they are refrigerated and delicious and I would like to eat them all. Rob found the hollowed out box from the other day and was incensed that I didn't save any for him, but I had no remorse. I think I will hide the current box so I can save them for myself. The most dangerous place in California is between me and a box of Tagalongs. Deal with it.

2) The other night, Sunny (the beastly black cat whose butt fur is only growing back in patches) was snuggling with Leila on her bed, kneading, purring, the works. But when she started to drool, which she only does when she's on some kind of snuggle-lovey-high, Leila freaked out and started gagging! I had to kick Sunny out of there, and Leila almost threw up on her bed! I couldn't believe it. I mean, I know cat drool is second only to baby drool as the wettest liquid to ever emanate from any being alive or dead, but gagging? Really? She should have seen what was coming out of Sunny's butt wound before we took her to the vet! Or, for that matter, she should have seen what came out of my face when my cyst exploded. She would have booted for sure.

3) I feel like there was a third thing that I really wanted to tell you, but its gone now. Oh well. If it comes back to me, you'll be the first to know.

4) I just had my fourth Tagalong.

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lama said...

I scored 2 boxes outside Lucky on Sunday and was sooo excited. I ate 5 for lunch yesterday on my way from the office to my client. They're a well balanced meal, right?