Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comcast Service has been the Best Part of my Day. WTF?

What a day. What a boondoggle. I have four million things on my to do list before going to the mountains this weekend (and I'm not exaggerating even a little bit) but in the middle of it all I decided that I couldn't live one more day without an HD cable box. So I made a detailed list of errands and stops I had to make, in the order I planned to make them, so my trip would be as efficient as possible. The first thing I did was realize, after the second errand, that I had forgotten to unhook and bring along the old cable box for the trade in for the HD box. I drove back home and got the box, just randomly unhooking cables from the back willy nilly, and headed back out on the road.

I found the cable store, 15 miles away, without much trouble, but it turns out I needed the last four digits of Rob's social security number to change the service. Typical that the one bill his name is on is the one that I'm upgrading, right? I have no idea what the last four digits of his social are. I know the first three, but not the last four. AND, Rob isn't answering his phone because he's in the middle of a St. Patrick's Day thing at work. Great. But I convince the nice cable lady, with all my charm and wit, to look at my cable bill, compare it to my ID and last name and just take my word for the fact that no harm will come to anyone if she just trades out the box. She buys it (sucker) and I walk away with a new box, but not before peeling the IR receiver deely bob that magically makes the Tivo work with the cable box off the old box (p.s I only know its called an IR receiver because I've spent the last hour on the internet trying to figure out how to make it work, lest you think I know what I'm talking about, which I do not.)

Anyway, I walk out the door with my new cable box and remote and power cable, and I'm driving south and I'm starving. So I pull into McDonalds for a mini meal (I know, I know, spare me the scolding) and I realize while I'm waiting in line in the drive through that I forgot the IR receiver deal at the cable store. So I get back on the freeway, with my food, and go back to get the thing. The great efficiency of my trip is up in smoke, and I had to postpone two things on the List of Important Errands in order to pick up the kid from school on time. AND the gas gauge was on E.

The HD box is hooked up and working (yay me!) but the tivo remote is still not working. I'm not sure what this means to my recording of Sober House with Drew Pinsky, but luckily they run every episode of that show about 100 times. The kicker of all of this is, we may be canceling cable all together in about a month and a half if Rob doesn't get the promotion he's gunning for. Increase in furlough time = less money + higher insurance premium = no HGTV for Bored Housewife. We're an American Cliche.

Now I'm home with Leila and her friend. Her friend LOVES our dog, and both of these girls keep repeating his name. If I hear his name one more time I'll throw something. I'm wishing I had named him anything but Perry. I've finally brought the dog inside because L is getting annoyed that her friend is paying 100% more attention to Perry than she is to her. So now they are outside in the back yard looking for ant hills, and Perry is inside whining and panting to be with the girls. The question is, what's more annoying: having to listen to two girls say "PERRY NO! Come here, PERRY! PERRY get the stick! PERRY move out of the way!" etc. etc or having to listen to the dog whimper at the back door (that's what she said)?

I'm picking dog whimpering. I'm going to fold some laundry and close my eyes for a while. I am done with this day. Maybe VH1 is playing Sober House AGAIN and I can watch some...

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