Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guest Post by St. Rob

Clueless douchebags of the world, unite! Yes, it is I, St. Rob, a.k.a CD (clueless douchebag), and I have hacked into this little BH-tinted world to set the record straight on vacation preparedness. First, I'd like to thank the several dads out there (the comments are under 'anonymous' but we know it's dads) who came to my defense and called out BH on the shrew-ness of her last post. If we dads didn't stick together, where would we be?

The truth of the matter of vacation prep is that I do know better than to call into question BH's wine-soaked, pre-trip stress fests, but we all sometimes do things even though we know better, right? Please tell me it's not just me. I think the truth is that I know she's going to be a wacked-out freakshow the day or two before we leave no matter what I do, so why not stick my head in the lion's mouth and look around? She claims that I could help things by lovingly saying "What can I do to help, dear?" What would actually happen if I said that at the time is she would say "Help?!? You can't do anything to help! You're useless to me now, so just go to work already!!"

Anyway, we're back from the trip now, and it was a good one. Leila skied, BH skied and the group-house plan worked out well. And the trip up was more pleasant than it would have been in pre BH blog days. Back then, BH would have spent most of the drive up coming down from being pissed off at me for not helping enough to prepare. Now, she got to vent to all of you, her faithful readers, before we even left. She got most of it out of her system in advance. So, thank you BH fans, you helped make a successful trip. : )


Anonymous said...

Don't assume the Anonymous are all men/dads/husbands

Anonymous said...

I'm another anon who is not a dad or even a man.