Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sad Day

Alright everybody, here's the deal. This will be my last post.

Things are not going too well over here at Casa de Bored Housewife. Rob was really upset about the post where I called him a clueless douchebag. He tried to be a good sport about it, writing his little guest post, but he's been really snipey and weird ever since and it all blew up last night. We were fighting well into the night, and then he finally slept on the couch.

He wants me to give you up. What am I supposed to do? As much as I've loved writing this, and as much as I love your comments, I love him more, so I guess this is it. Thanks all you readers for being so awesome, this was really fun.

Take care

Love, Bored Housewife


Anonymous said...

Happy April 1st me thinks. But if it's true,I will miss your humor VERY VERY much!

Michelle said...

Hmmm. I never consider this to be an April Fool's joke - hope it is a joke - I not I would really, really miss you.

Anonymous said...

Like this would ever be missed?

A wanderer by trade

Dana Muise said...

what? no!