Friday, September 4, 2009


I am all over the place today, so here are just a few things that are rolling around in my brain today:

1) I'm having my own baguette taste test. I used to live in France, and I've decided to scientifically figure out where I can buy the best french baguette. I'm on my third one, and so far the results are: La Boulange (which, technically, in French, doesn't mean anything) was ok, crust was a little tough, but its possible that it was later in the day when I bought it. This bakery in North Beach that I forget the name of, so far the winner. Pretty perfect. Champagne Bakery, a supposedly french cafe, but there's very little about it that's French, terrible baguette. Its like they walked over to the Safeway and got one of theirs. Just awful. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

2) I thank God for the computer, because how would I ever procrastinate otherwise? I have successfully put off blow drying my hair for half an hour. My head is wrapped in a towel right this minute. AND, if not for the computer, I would not have been turned on to Shitmydadsays on Twitter; even if you don't tweet, check this out. I laughed my ass off.

3)Why can't my dog stop bringing wood chips in the house and chewing them up and spitting them out so that there is wood chip debris all over the floor at all times? And why, when the yard is covered in wood chips (our attempt at landscaping) must he dig in the lawn and in the dirt for what must be the perfect wood chip? Why can't he just go down, grab a wood chip off the top, chew it OUTSIDE, and be done with it?

4) What am I going to eat next? And why does only one market in town carry the kind of yogurt tubes Leila likes necessitating an extra trip?

How about a Friday Five, and then I really have to blow dry my hair. And brush my teeth.

1) In what way this week were you reckless? Um...I pulled out of my driveway without looking both ways and was nearly hit by a little green truck. I was just so hot and cranky. I'm a really good driver (knock wood) but I make little mistakes like this from time to time, and I always feel like I want to wave over the other driver, who now thinks I'm a spaz, and offer them my complete driving record so they know that their experience with me is an aberration and not indicative of my quotidian driving habits. I obsess about it way longer than I should.

2) In what way were you shameless: Duh, eaves dropping on my hotel neighbors during their sexcapades (which you can read about here)

3) In what way were you fearless? I spoke in front of people, but not very well. I'm not very afraid of public speaking (surprised? All eyes on me, people! Me Me ME!) so maybe it doesn't count. I don't believe I was fearless this week. I'll have to get back to you.

4) In what way were you thoughtless? I haven't made two phone calls that I need to make, and the longer I wait the more irrelevant they will be, until its too late to make any sense and then I've just bailed on a commitment.

5) In what way were you doubtless? I have no doubt that I will buy an air conditioner before next summer. I have no doubt that I couldn't care less about what Sarah Palin has to say about anything, especially considering she doesn't have a job. I have no doubt that second grade is going to be a rude awakening to my poor kid, who has finally realized that summer vacation is even better than getting up early and going to school. I have no doubt that my dog is a stinky mess right now, and I have no doubt that my husband will bathe him this weekend. I have no doubt that if I don't blow dry my hair RIGHT NOW it will look bad all weekend, and I'll have to wear a hat.

Have a good weekend!!


lama said...

You were fearless in sending back your "fizzy" chilled avocado soup!

Alice said...

Re baguettes - try the one at the Wed farmer's market - don't know the name but it's delicious. Not sure if it's really French - but it's yummy.

Fanya said...

La Brea bguettes not bad at all...and...readily available which ups it's score in my opinion.