Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have nothing to do today. I was so productive yesterday, did more cleaning than I've done in one day, ever, that there's nothing left to do today. I guess that's a bit of an exaggeration. I could dust my bedroom, or vacuum it, I have pictures to put in albums, but that's really about it. Can you believe it? I mean, really, who ever dusts their bedroom or puts pictures in albums? No one, that's who. I am caught up! The pink mildew is gone, and the dishes are done and the beds are made. I must be getting my period.

So now I really am a Bored Housewife. Leila and I have been waiting around all day for her kayaking date with her grandmother, and while she's gone I'll pop over to the grocery store for a few things, maybe even a treat for my oh-so-productive self, and then maybe I'll watch the Sex and the City movie for the 11th time. I even know what I'm making for dinner tonight. This is really unprecedented. Some housewives do this stuff all the time, but its totally new to me. I have a list of back burner projects somewhere, but I think I'll just enjoy my clean house today. Ahhhhhh....

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