Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Club

I haven't posted in five days! Wow! Time flies when you're doing absolutely nothing.

I played Wii for the first time on Sunday. We were having dinner at some friends' house, and they have three kids and a Wii fit thing, and the kids were showing me how they can bounce the Wii soccer balls off their heads. Leila tried it, and was, of course, frustrated and embarrassed that she didn't get very many, so I tried it to show her that I sucked at it too. And boy-oh-boy did I suck at it! First of all, I was completely winded after the first few balls, and I was laughing so hard that I just had to stop in the middle and let balls go right past me, and let shoes hit me in the face. This will make no sense if you have never seen this Wii activity, but trust me when I tell you that I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Leila has asked Santa for a Wii two years in a row, and two years in a row Santa has stiffed her, that rat bastard. I think this year may be her year, though. It was just so much fun! Maybe Santa will take up a collection from the grandparents to finance the Wii and the Wii fit, and maybe, while L is in school, Mommy (that's me) will become the Wii Fit hoola hooping champion of the universe!

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging so much is that I've been catching up on episodes of Tori and Dean. Its like a good book that you can pick up anywhere and be instantly riveted. I watch the episodes out of order, and it doesn't matter at all. Tori's a bit of a cry baby, though. She cries at least three or four times in every episode. What's with the waterworks?

I have my book club meeting here tonight. I would have read the book in its entirety if it hadn't sucked so badly! I gave it 150 pages, and then I tossed it aside in favor of Tori's book. My house is cleaned up (mostly, I'll just close the bedroom doors) and I know what I'm making for dinner, and now, I'm going to take two precious, quiet hours, eat a butterfinger bar, and read Mommywood, by the incomparable Tori Spelling. The next book club book is 400 pages of small print, and I need me some Tori before I embark. Awesome.

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