Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 of 5

Alright, enough with Tori and Dean, much as I love them. I am having an 80s music renaissance this weekend. Walk down memory lane, like totally. Songs I never liked then have taken on a new allure. If the music wasn't enough, Valley Girl, the movie, was on last night and I made Rob watch it. It was edited to within an inch of its little life, and without all the swears and stuff, it was missing something. It is amazing how I can practically recite that movie. So much brain space wasted on the script of Valley Girl and the lyrics to Duran Duran. Honestly. The one line I keep repeating in my head is when the girls, those bitchy, bitchy little Valley Girls are sitting at DuPars restaurant, trying to get Julie to get back together with Tommy, the valley-dude, even though Julie loves Randy, the punk rocker from Hollywood, and Julie says, "Randy is, like, totally special to me, Stacey." Its really a terrible movie. The Tivo described it as the love story of a girl with a "regional dialect." It was an important part of California history! An époque! Like, totally, y'know?

Here's the other thing I've been thinking about. Remember in Friends how Ross and Rachel had their five fantasy people that they were allowed to bone if they ever got the chance? I've been thinking about my five, and I don't think I can come up with five. There are some that are on the cusp, but I'm afraid to commit, and they would never sleep with me if they had the chance. Having said that, George Clooney tops my list... But I could totally get him, right? I know George is a cliche choice, but he is just perfection: Handsome, funny, smart, political, single, rich, everything you could want in a man. Then comes John Stewart (smart and funny wins every time) and Paul Rudd (again with the smart and funny) and then I draw a blank. After seeing The Hangover I thought about putting Bradley Cooper on the list because he is just about the cutest thing you ever saw, but I can't quite do it. Why am I so picky about my five? Who cares, right? Who's on your list? Here's a little taste...

Perfection. Call me.

Smart and Funny

Smart and funny and goofy

But what if he's stupid and dull?


joanna nelson said...

Who is Paul Rudd?
The pic you posted is cute, but I don't like his so called sexy dance.

1. Mia Hamm
2. Jennifer Garner (she was the one in 13 gong on 30)
3. Elizabeth Arnold (political correspondent for NPR.
But she may be republican. (In that case, I would
not do her)
4. Jack Johnson. Come on. How fun would that be?!
5. Tracy Chapman. I'd be really, really nervous, so
I'd be no fun at all. But how about that notch in
the old bedpost?

Michelle said...

This is a tough call. I can’t tell you how often this question comes up and I have no answer. It is high time I get this list together. George Clooney was the only name I could ever come up with but it was time to research and expand my options. And, now that I’m a single woman, who knows what possibilities could be presented. So I googled “handsome actors” and carefully evaluated the top 200 actors of all time and this is five I came up with:

1. Bobby Sherman: Here Comes the Brides??? I loved Bobby . . . I regularly bought Tiger Beat, had posters of Bobby all over my room – I’d do him.
2. Gregory Peck: Atticus? Say no more, that man was gorgeous (you didn’t say they had to be currently alive).
3. Hugh Jackman: I love a man that looks great, can sing AND dance.
4. Greg Kinnear: he seems earnest. I like that in a man.
5. Denzel Washington: love everything about him.

Bored Housewife said...

Michelle, you've had a busy afternoon!

joanna nelson said...

Come on, People. List your Five!!!