Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Privacy Please

You gotta love my husband. I've had him home for two precious days of the weekend, and I put him to work, lifting things that I cannot lift, reaching things that I cannot reach, and doing manly things that I probably could do myself if I tried real hard, but I'm married so I shouldn't have to. Its one of the perks.

Of our many unpacking priorities this weekend, one was to re-install the wood-slat blinds on the front windows. It is a priority because I have no privacy without them, and if I don't close my bedroom door when I'm getting undressed, I may start getting love letters from the mail man, or the dog walker who seems high all the time, or one of the teenage boys who lives on my street (or wiener man, perish the thought.) I know closing your door when you get dressed doesn't seem like a big deal, but I hardly ever close the door when I take a dump, much less get dressed, so you can understand my eagerness to get the blinds put back up.

My dear husband, king of veering off the critical path, spent almost the entire afternoon putting 4 blinds back up. He successfully completed three of them, the three that are least essential to my dressing privacy. The big one that goes on the big window, the source of my neighbor's delight, remains in the garage, waiting its turn, while Rob watches basketball and drinks a beer.

In other news, I had two friends over tonight who helped me place my artwork on the walls. Let this be a lesson to you! Always ask for help when putting art on the walls, or undertaking any creative endeavor. They put things together in a way I never would have, and I'm so excited about it! And all it cost me was some margaritas!

In yet other news, I would like to thank my friend, Lisa, who read one of my previous blog posts, and presented me not only with an amazing mock up of the beautiful back splash she is making for me, but also a new bottle opener! Its exactly the bottle opener I would have gotten myself. I can't wait to show y'all a picture of this back splash when its done, people, its gonna be a sensation!!!

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