Thursday, March 1, 2012

10 Facinating Facts

Here is a quick recap, for your enjoyment as well as my record keeping to update you on what I've been doing while not whiling away the hours on the internet:

1) MOVED IN TO OUR HOUSE! More accurately, we are now sleeping in our house, but "moved in" is a little hyperbolic. There are cardboard boxes everywhere, inside and outside the house, and now that I have my dishes and clothes put away, I wish vandals would come and steal the rest. I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff before the move, but apparently I only got rid of the wrong things, like the bed skirt and the wine opener. It was meant to force me to replace the things I hated when this all started, but finding out that you have no wine opener at the end of a long day with a cold bottle of chardonnay in your hand is a really punitive way to remember that you need a wine opener.

2) First meal cooked in the brand new kitchen: peanut butter and honey sandwich for Leila's lunch. First thing cooked on the brand new stove: water for tea. First thing heated in the brand new oven: some french bread for... First meal eaten as a family that wasn't take out: cheese fondue. (I had just unpacked the fondue pot, so I thought, what the hell.)

3) I will use any excuse to run the brand new dishwasher. It actually gets dishes clean, and there are no spots on my glasses or anything else! Its a revelation! Today, I took all my pots and pans out of their new homes and put them in the dishwasher just to use the pro scrub feature. I have never put pots and pans in the dishwasher before, but, man, I'm going to now!

4) My cats are skating on very thin ice with me and sometimes I find myself regretting that I didn't put that black one to sleep when I had the chance. Awful I know. But I would have been totally over it by now.

5) I need things on the walls soon. After a while, I feel like I'm in a gymnasium.

6) I've broken all the nails on my hands, some of them more than once, so now I'm moving on to the ones on my toes.

7) My bedroom got bigger, so now my TV seems too small. I just realized I'm having a hard time reading the program guide from my bed. What's more expensive: new, bigger TV, or trip to eye doctor? Factor in the blow to my self esteem when he tells me I need bifocals.

8) I can't hear rain on my roof anymore. Too much damn insulation. Rain on the roof is one of the great joys in life, especially in California, and I just traded it for a dishwasher that scrubs my pans.

9) Don't pack food coloring, just throw it out and buy new when you get where you're going. Trust me.

10) Before and after pics soon, I promise, I just have to make this place not look like a new, shiny shithole first.

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